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Skeletal and Muscular System Jeopardy Test Review Game.

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1 Skeletal and Muscular System Jeopardy Test Review Game

2 Skeletal System Muscular System SkinIdentifying Bones and Muscles Random

3 The best ways (2) to prevent osteoporosis

4 Calcium in your diet & exercise

5 The bones that form the backbone are called

6 vertebrae

7 Dairy products contain ___________ needed for strong bones

8 calcium

9 A developing fetuss skeleton is comprised mostly of __________, not bone.

10 cartilage

11 Name the five functions of the skeleton

12 1.Protection (organs) 2. Movement 3. Shape & Support 4. Making Blood Cells 5. Storage

13 Name the three types of muscle tissue.

14 skeletal, smooth, and cardiac

15 What type of human body tissue can contract or shorten?

16 muscle

17 What type of muscle tissue is found only in the heart?

18 cardiac

19 This connective tissue connects muscles to bones

20 tendons

21 What type of muscle tissue tires easily during exercise?

22 skeletal

23 How does the skin protect the body from disease?

24 It keeps out disease- causing microorganisms.

25 What is the pigment in the skin that helps protect you from sunburn?

26 melanin

27 In which layer of the skin do you find nerves and blood vessels?

28 dermis

29 In which layer of the skin would you find dead skin cells?

30 epidermis

31 An opening in the skin is called a ______

32 pore

33 Name the long bone found in the upper arm.

34 humerus

35 Where is the gastrocnemius located?

36 calf

37 What is the large muscles that covers the shoulder joint?

38 deltoid

39 What is the scientific name for the shin bone( the larger lower leg bone)?

40 tibia

41 What is the scientific name for the shoulder blade?

42 scapula

43 Red blood cells are produced by _________ in the bone

44 marrow

45 Another name for the skull is the

46 cranium

47 Limiting exposure to the sun can help prevent this disease

48 Skin cancer

49 How many bones are in the human skeleton?

50 206

51 Your nose and ears are made of

52 cartilage

53 JointsLEVEL OF ORG. and TISSUES MISC.MORE BONE and MUSCLE I.D More Muscle 200

54 You would find this type of joint at the shoulder.

55 Ball and socket

56 An example of a fixed or immovable joint

57 skull

58 This type of joint is found in the wrist?

59 gliding

60 What type of joint is located at the neck?

61 pivot

62 A backward or forward movement is possible with a ________ joint

63 hinge

64 What is the basic unit of all living things?

65 cells

66 When the internal environment is kept stable in spite changes in the external environment, this is called

67 homeostasis

68 This is found between bones to cushion them (it is very slippery)

69 cartilage

70 Your internal body temperature will always be about _______ degrees C

71 37

72 This part of the bone makes the red blood cells

73 marrow

74 This part of the bone has many spaces.

75 spongy

76 This is the place where two bones meet.

77 joint

78 Name the levels of organization from simplest to most complex.

79 cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism

80 Another name for the cranium is the

81 skull

82 What body system stores minerals such as phosphorus and calcium?

83 skeletal system

84 Which bones make up the wrist?

85 carpals

86 What is the large muscle that stretches across the buttocks?

87 gluteus maximus

88 What two muscles of the arm work together to help you bend you elbow?

89 bicep and tricep

90 What is the scientific name for the jaw bone?

91 mandible

92 What is the longest bone in the body?

93 femur

94 Cardiac muscle is Voluntary or Involuntary?.

95 involuntary

96 Skeletal and cardiac muscle are alike in that they are both

97 striated

98 True or False Exercise keeps muscles healthy because it makes them thicker

99 true

100 What type of muscle is found in the stomach?

101 smooth

102 What type of muscle is voluntary?

103 skeletal

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