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Skeletal & Muscle Unit.

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1 Skeletal & Muscle Unit


3 Notes

4 How many bones does the human skeleton contain?

5 206

6 Functions of the skeletal system
Give shape & support Protect internal organs Moves muscles Form blood cells Store calcium and phosphorous

7 Bone Cross Section Marrow: manufactures red blood cells
Periosteum: soft, thin, covers and protects the bone Compact Bone: Hard, outer surface. Can heal itself when broken Spongy Bone: Porous, contains blood vessels, nerves Marrow: manufactures red blood cells



10 Skeletal System is divided into two parts

11 Axial Skeleton Skull (protects the brain).
Ribs ( protect lungs, and heart). Spinal column (houses and protects the spinal cord).

12 Appendicular Skeleton
Legs Pelvis Arms Shoulders

13 Types of Joints Immovable Movable Skull Pelvis Pivot Ball & socket
Hinge Gliding


15 Ball & Socket: Shoulders and Hips
Allows arms and hips to move in any direction Can move in a full 360 degrees

16 Pivot Joints: First two neck vertebrae & joint beneath elbow
Moves in a semicircle motion by twisting against each other

17 Hinged: Elbows & Knees Move like hinges on a door Limited movement
Can only swing back and forth

18 Gliding Joints: Spine, Wrists, Ankles
Slide against each other in a gliding motion Gives your wrists and ankles lots of freedom

19 Immoveable joints are located in the:

20 How many muscles do we have?









29 Inside a Muscle Muscle Fiber Muscle Myofibril

30 Vocabulary

31 Appendicular The part of your skeleton made up of your arms, legs, pelvis and shoulders. Answer: 8700

32 Axial Part of your skeleton that includes skull, ribs, and spinal column. Answer: 740

33 Vertebrae Irregular bones that make up the spinal column
Answer: 23,000

34 Cartilage Smooth tissue that acts as a buffer between bones.
Answer: 5678, 5687, 5768

35 Tissues that fasten your bones together
Ligaments Tissues that fasten your bones together Answer: 77; 777; 7,777; 77,777

36 Calcium The mineral found in bones
Answer: 500 thousand, 20 million, 1 bilion

37 Periosteum The outer covering of bones.
Answer: Calcutta, Rio, Buenos Aires

38 Ball and Socket These joints are found in hips and shoulders.
Answer: 72 x 32

39 Gliding These joints are found in fingers and the spine.
Answer: 50,625

40 Immoveable This type of joint is found in the skull and is fixed.

41 Pivot These types of joints are found in the head and arms.

42 Voluntary These muscles can be controlled consciously

43 Hinge These joints are found in elbows and knees.
Answer: 200 x 200 x 200 x 200

44 These muscles can be controlled unconsciously
Involuntary These muscles can be controlled unconsciously Answer: 2

45 Skeletal Muscle tissue that is attached to bones and causes movement.
Answer: 10

46 Smooth This type of tissue lines the walls of many organs and are involuntary. Answer: 33

47 Cardiac Muscle tissue found in the heart. Answer: add 13

48 Tendons These tough bands of connective tissue connect bones to skeletal muscles. Answer: subtract 32

49 Strain An injury caused when a muscle is over stretched.
Answer: 63, 68, 65 (subtract 3 then add 5)

50 Cramp This can be painful and is sometimes caused by too much exercise and not warming up properly. Answer:10, 9, 11


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