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The Conservative Tide Chapter 25. I. Conservative Movement Emerges.

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1 The Conservative Tide Chapter 25

2 I. Conservative Movement Emerges

3 A. The Movement Builds The New Right –Opposed abortion –Opposed ERA –Wanted School prayer Affirmative Action –reverse discrimination Conservative Coalition Moral Majority –wanted to restore traditional moral values

4 B. Conservatives take office Ronald Reagan –Elected 1980 –George H.W. Bush V.P. Originally a Democrat –The party had left him A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his

5 II. Conservative policies

6 A. Economic policies Reaganomics –budget cuts, tax cuts, increase defense spending Supply-side economics –Fewer taxes –People would save and invest more Strategic Defense Initiative National Debt doubles

7 B. Courts shift right Sandra Day OConnor –First female supreme court justice William Rehnquist –becomes Chief Justice Reagan and Bush end rule of liberal court

8 C. Deregulating the Economy Deregulation –the cutting back of federal regulation in industry –increased competition and lowered prices Cut the EPA budget

9 D. Victories 1984 Election –Reagan/Bush (Rep) –Mondale/Ferraro (Dem) –Win by landslide 1988 Election –Bush Vs. Dukakis –Read my lips no new taxes

10 III. Social Concerns in the 1980s

11 A. Health, Education & Cities Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Webster V. Reproductive Health Care Services –States had right to make laws on abortion War On Drugs –Just say no! A Nation At Risk –US students falling behind Urban Crisis

12 B. Equal Rights Increase of Women in House and Senate Reagan names two women to his cabinet –Elizabeth Dole –Margaret Heckler Feminization of poverty Pay Equity –pay rates reflected jobs requirements

13 C. Fight for rights continues L. Douglas Wilder –First African American governor Jesse Jackson –ran for democratic presidential nomination Sheriffs, School board, legislators

14 D. Gains for Latinos Fastest growing minority Lauro Cavazos –Secretary of Education Dr. Antonia Coello Novello –Surgeon General Bilingual Education

15 E. Native Americans Schools to teach about past Reagan cuts funding to Native Americans Supreme Court votes in favor of Casinos –Provides additional funding

16 F. Other Minorities Asian Americans –2 nd fastest growing minority –low crime rates –low dropout rates –low divorce rates –high unemployment and poverty Gay rights –By 1993, 7 states & 110 communities outlaw discrimination

17 IV. Foreign Policy after the Cold War

18 A. The beginning of the end Mikhail Gorbachev 1985 –Glasnost- openness –Perestroika- restructuring of Soviet society Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) –Between U.S. and Soviets –Eliminated weapons & allowed inspections

19 B. The Soviet Union Declines Collapse of the Berlin Wall 1989 Non-Communist parties organized in satellite nations –Nations gain independence Bush & Yeltsin formally end Cold War 1992 STARII Pact –Cuts amount of nuclear weapons by 2/3

20 C. China…Still Commies 1980s China begins economic reforms –less government control Tiananmen Square (1989) –Demonstrations leads by students –Military steps in kills unarmed students The government has won the battle here today. But they have lost the peoples hearts.

21 D. Central America & The Caribbean Nicaragua –Contras vs. Sandinistas Grenada –Reagan sends troops –Overthrow pro- Cuban gov. Panama –Bush sends 20,000 soldiers –Overthrow & Arrest Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega

22 E. Middle East troubles Iran-Contra Scandal –Terrorist groups capture Americans in Lebanon –America will never make concessions to terrorists –Weapons in exchange for prisoners –profits then went towards the Contras in Nicaragua

23 F. The Persian Gulf War Iraq led by Saddam Hussein –Invaded Kuwait (1990) Operation Desert Storm (1991) –Air assault on Iraq –Troops attacked from Saudi Arabia –Cease Fire Feb. 1991

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