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Student Engagement Through Interactive Mathematics.

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1 Student Engagement Through Interactive Mathematics

2 Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School 1995-1998: Multimedia Facilitator, Tech Teacher Waialae, & Pohakea Elementary 1993-1995: District Technology Resource Teacher Campbell Complex - 11 schools (K-12) 1991: State Computer Education Specialist 1983-1990, 1992: Secondary Computer Science & Math Teacher McKinley, Moanalua, Waianae, Pearl City, & Waialua Intermediate/ High MED - Educational Technology

3 Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School June, 2006: Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Participant / Completion Certificate May, 2005: Education World Feature Teacher February, 2004: George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF Youtube Video) January, 2003: Classroom Connect: Top 12 Finalist for the Internet Educator of the Year 2003 December, 2002: National Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2002 December, 2001: Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2001 Semi-finalist October, 2000: All USA Today 2000 First Teacher Team August, 1999: Disney American Teacher Award Honoree: Elementary Specialist: Technology (Disney Press Release) May, 1999: Honolulu District Y2K Teacher of the Year

4 New Generation of Children Game Generation Edutainment High Speed Fantasy World Social Networking

5 Russell A Sabella, Ph.D. Games Changed Learners Cognitive Skills Computer adjusts difficulty to the players preference or need Learning Tool

6 Video GamesVideo Games Teach Deductive reasoning Memory Strategies Eye-hand Coordination

7 Learning Is Fun Software Companies, Parents & Educators Collaborate Introduction of Content to Appropriate Levels

8 Serious Gaming Game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment Designed for the purpose of problem solving Main purpose is to train

9 Serious Games for Training Known as Game-learning Students learn valuable skills and knowledge under the disguise of a game Engaging & Entertaining Gaming Used for a Serious Purpose

10 Casual versus Hard Core Gaming Simple Rules, Simple Skills Short Term Commitment Wide Appeal

11 Engagement Through Serious Gaming Not Simply Holding Attention Activates Higher Cognitive Processes Repetitive Participation Choice: Decision making, Personalization Feedback: Stimulus & Response Incentive: Motivation

12 Engagement Through Serious Gaming Choice: Virtual Worlds / Avatars Sharing Gameplay Meaningful Choice Flow Psychology

13 Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experiences In the Zone Lose themselves - Into Work

14 Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experiences Fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus Full involvement Success in the process of the activity Focused motivation

15 Digital Game-Based Learning: Learning tools Ongoing research conducted by DGBL Todays Net Generation, or digital natives, - disengaged with traditional instruction Increased popularity of games

16 Digital passes boxed in PC games market

17 Serious Gaming: Feedback Multimedia Corrective Incentive: Encourages Specific Behavior

18 Performance Feedback Rewards Choices to Worlds

19 Planet Turtle Kindergarten-3 rd Grade Math Skills Practice Aligned With Standards Ability to Customize Highly Engaging

20 Planet Turtle Virtual World Children can Interact with Peers Protected Web Environment

21 Planet Turtle Completing Learning Challenges Progress as their Skills Improve Allows Teachers to Instantly Assess Students Proficiency Level

22 Administrators Can View Statistics Monitor Progress

23 Administrators Can View % Correct Time Per Session & Questions Answered

24 Administrators Can View

25 Teachers Can Customize Instruction Align Content to Match Student Needs Monitor Progress

26 Customize Activities


28 Align to EveryDay Mathematics

29 Monitor Student Progress







36 Children Can… Receive Content Customize Turtle Engage in Gaming Activities

37 Customize Turtle


39 Explore Planet Turtle





44 Must complete 25 game sessions with a score of 80 percent or higher to receive a game token

45 Engage in Gaming Activities

46 Two-player games focus on problem solving skills

47 Learn


49 Planet Turtle @ Nuuanu School

50 Feedback Incredible amount of excitement... I have witnessed kids begging their teachers Easy interface for management of individual student learning.

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