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Continuous Improvement In the CRCSD

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1 Continuous Improvement In the CRCSD
Putting the Pieces Together

2 Why This, Why Now? Mission: To develop world-class learners and responsible citizens Core Value: Data Driven Decisions Goal: Improve all student performance, enhance social, emotional & behavioral development

3 The Big Question??? -Why is the CRCSD Embracing Quality and Continuous Improvement?

4 The World is Flat Numbers Gap Education Gap Ambition Gap
Thomas Friedman

5 Source: Highlights From TIMSS

6 Squirm Factors… Computer programmer… United States $70,000
India $8,250 China $3,000 China – 350,000 student online university

7 Employment: 1970’s High Skill Low Skill

8 Employment: 1990’s High Skill Low Skill Semi Skill

9 Employment: 2010 High Skill Low Skill Semi Skill

10 1970’s 1990’s 2010 Employment Skills
Necessary Employment Skills Are Changing

11 3 Factors Change the Game
America is now part of a global economy World’s economy based increasingly on information Low cost countries are now able to compete on talent

12 Changing Jobs None of the top 10 jobs in 2010 exists today
-Former Ed. Secretary Richard Riley The average person today will have careers The average job will last 3 – 5 years -U.S. Department of Labor

13 Our Challenge How do we create the learning environments that engage this generation? How do we equip these students with the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in a global, information-based economy and contributing citizens?

14 What Should We Teach? Critical thinking skill areas must be addressed:
Information processing skills Information presentation skills Independent problem solving skills Interdependent team-working skills

15 Transformation- Teachers’ New Role:
Teachers as Collaborators Teachers as Data Users Teachers as Customizers -Learning Point Associates 2004

16 Leading from the Future
Only way to prepare students for a moving world is to project where it will be when they arrive - to have a vision of the future Leaders must think ahead to see what’s coming Focus on the immediate needs does not prepare students for changing world

17 So What Will Help Us Get There?
Continuous Improvement Process & Tools Action research/PDSA Data driven decisions Systems thinking

18 Are We On The Same Page?

19 Lotus Diagram Continuous Improvement Alignment Systems Thinking
PDSA/Action Research Data-Driven Decisions & Measurement Continuous Improvement Quality Tools Leadership Stakeholders & Customers Staff Development

20 How Can Schools Create An Integrated Structure To Manage Continuous Improvement?
PDSA? Building Leadership Team? District Strategic Plan? A. R. Deployment Team? Quality Liaison? IDM? SIP?


22 How Will We Measure Our Progress?


24 Balanced Scorecard 1.F: Increase % of students proficient (above the 40th percentile) on ITBS/ITED in grades 3-12 in Reading, Math and Science 1.H: Increase % of students reading at or above grade level by the end of 2nd grade 2.G: Decrease student discipline office referrals 3.H: Increase ratio of SIP/Department goals to updated and publicly displayed PDSA Story boards

25 How Does The Balanced Score Card For The District Impact Our School?
District Data & School Data





30 Action Research/PDSA


32 Lotus Diagram Continuous Improvement Alignment Systems Thinking
PDSA/Action Research Data-Driven Decisions & Measurement Continuous Improvement Quality Tools Leadership Stakeholders & Customers Staff Development

33 How Will We Clearly Communicate Our Expectations For Continuous Improvement?

34 Classroom Continuous Improvement Rubric

35 How Will We Measure The Deployment Of Continuous Improvement Processes and Tools?

36 Deployment Instrument

37 How Will Your School Set And Communicate Direction Of Continuous Improvement?
Is the Classroom Quality Rubric clear? Achievable? Specific? How could the Deployment Instrument be used at your school? Discuss ways that your team will communicate these expectations to the rest of the staff?


39 How Is Your School Structured & Organized?
Given the presented integrated structure (flow chart), how is your school currently structured? Is it similar? Different? What changes are needed at the building level to better show alignment and integration?

40 What Support Is Available To Assist Teams In The Continuous Improvement Journey?
A.R. Deployment Team Workshops Quality Liaison Network Training and Workshops (For Individuals, Building Leadership Teams or Entire Schools) Continuous Improvement Web Site Tutorials, Examples, Templates

41 Quality Liaison Meeting Schedule (4:15 – 6:15 ESC)
January 26th – Thursday March 7th – Tuesday April 5th – Wednesday May 3rd – Wednesday Please submit the name of your school’s Quality Liaison before you leave today!

42 Quality And Continuous Improvement Is Here To Stay!
Is your school on board? Committed to the vision? What is your plan to get others to buy-in to the direction we are heading with continuous improvement?

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