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Implementing Downloadables NMLA/MPLA Conference Marmot Library Network.

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1 Implementing Downloadables NMLA/MPLA Conference Marmot Library Network

2 Downloadable Formats Movies Music Games (coming soon) Books –E-Books –Audio Books

3 E-Books Electronic version of a book. Read like a book on a device such as Rocket, Sony Reader, Mobipocket, Palm, Pocket PC, etc. Audio Books Recording of the contents of a book read aloud. Listened to on CD, Cassette, or digital audio format such as MP3.

4 DisplayContent?id=11505

5 Audio Book Sources OverDrive/Digital Library Reserve Playaway NetLibrary Simply Audiobooks Etc.

6 Starting From Scratch Subscription service- You buy the titles and keep them for good Download to customers MP3 player or librarys

7 Audio To Go Download titles from a subscription service to librarys MP3 players, check out as a unit

8 Playaways Preloaded MP3 players Come with ear buds

9 Netlibrary Both e-books and audio books Recorded Books Titles Pay according to your circulation stats Pimsleuer Language Frommers Travel

10 OverDrive/ Digital Library Reserve




14 Digital Library Reserve Application Services Agreement 1.INTRODUCTION This Agreement is made and entered into this ______ day of ________________2006 by and between Digital Library Reserve, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as DLR), a Delaware corporation, Valley Tech Center, 8555 Sweet Valley Drive, Suite C, Cleveland, OH 44125 USA and the following company, person, or entity (hereinafter referred to as Library): Library Name: Marmot Library Network___________ ________________________________________________ Librarys Primary Contact: Joel Robinson Address: 123 North 7th Street, Suite 302 City: Grand Junction State: Colorado Zip: 81501 Country: USA Phone: (970) 242-3331 Fax:_ (970) 245- 7854______________________________________________________ Email Address: Attached and incorporated in this Agreement are the following Schedules: Schedule A – Digital Library Reserve Application Services and Fee Schedule Schedule B – Digital Library Reserve and Library Website Guidelines WHEREAS, DLR is a provider of OverDrive, Inc. digital book technology and services including those related to the management and copyright protection of content in eBook, audio book, and multimedia in digital formats; and, WHEREAS Library is seeking to utilize as part of its operation certain outsourced software and website services for the aggregation, management, copyright protection and distribution of Digital Products and related services; and, WHEREAS Library seeks to license the use of and deploy software products, technology and services including those licensed to DLR by OverDrive, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc. or other vendors of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

15 Development Team Create Web Site Marketing Training –Train Staff to Assist Patrons –Train Staff to Build Collections –Train Staff to Use Reports Support

16 Web Site Development Conference Call Web Site Variables ILS Vendor Settings Establish Implementation Timetable




20 Marketing








28 Collection Management And Reports




32 $$$ Academic FTE, Schools Secondary FTE, Public Annual Circulation InstitutionFTECirculationTotal Adams State College2,174$ 543.50 Colorado Mountain College2,838$ 709.50 Mesa State College4,964$1,241.00 Western State College2,058$ 514.50 Aspen Schools 948$ 237.00 Mesa Valley Schools 10,968$2,742.00 Plateau Valley Schools 178$ 44.50 Steamboat Schools1,107$ 276.75 Basalt 54,753$ 547.53 Bud Werner319,602$3,196.02 Eagle Valley270,056$2,700.56 Garfield County293,159$2,931.59 Grand County191,866$1,918.66 Gunnison County 83,149$ 831.49 Mesa County812,651$8,126.51 Pitkin County171,996$1,719.96 Summit County144,621$1,446.21 Vail 50,211$ 502.11 Wilkinson 77,885$ 778.85 Total Revenue Raised $31,008.24 FTE at.25/fteCirculation at.01

33 ??????????? Barb Brattin, Wilkinson Public Library Joel Robinson, Marmot Library Network Thank You!

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