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Easy eBooks 3M Cloud Library and Polaris Library Inc.

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1 Easy eBooks 3M Cloud Library and Polaris Library Systems @GMILCS, Inc.

2 A movement to improve e-book access and services for public library users Libraries have a responsibility to fight for the public and ensure that users have the same open, easy and free access to e-books that they have come to rely on with physical books.

3 Principles: Search a single catalog Place holds, check out and otherwise manage a library account in one location Seamlessly enjoy a variety of e-content Download ebooks that are compatible with all readers

4 GMILCS signs with 3M Cloud Library Librarians came back from PLA excited about the 3M service and its integration with the Polaris Library System Patiently awaited development of the integration software Applied for a grant: Thank You to the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation for the $15,000 to get us started.

5 eBooks @ GMILCS Consortium of 12 libraries: 10 public, 2 academic Public libraries were founding members of the NH Downloadable Consortium when we encouraged the NHSL to contract for e-audios with OverDrive in 2005 Several libraries joined the Advantage program when OverDrive would not negotiate a supplemental program for the GMILCS consortium Time for an ebook lending service for the consortiumincluding academic libraries Continuing with OverDrive, but currently have 2,600 3M titles

6 Why did we choose the 3M Cloud Library? **Integration with our Polaris ILS** Search, check out, check in, holds all within our public catalog Keeps the community at the library site MARC records automatically imported Circulation statistics through Polaris Uses API and HPPS so the transactions are secure Ease of use Adobe ID at the vendor level Access to books and features from all devices


8 Why choose 3M Cloud Library Access to books and features from all devices Designed for devices with apps Check out on an iPad, take notes while reading on a PC and finish the book on an Android device! Easier governance and selection with a smaller consortium Collection Development Policy: 50% fiction, 25% nonfiction, 25% youth Shared promotion

9 Challenges No audiobooks No relationship with Amazon, thus only Kindle Fire At the mercy of publishers: Hachette and MacMillan will not sell to consortiums Two different platforms for our community Still need to troubleshoot a variety of devices

10 Successes Really easy to use! My Account shows eBooks checked out and on hold Statistics with other circulation statistics Titles imported into public catalog at purchase






16 Marilyn Borgendale System Administrator 603.485.4286

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