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Dreamweaver MX Unit B CIS 205—Web Site Design and Development.

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1 Dreamweaver MX Unit B CIS 205—Web Site Design and Development

2 2 Lesson 1—Head Content A web page has two sections, head content and a _______. The head content contains tags such as and _______, which allows for keywords and descriptions. The body is the part that appears in the _________ window. The best color combination for reading is a ______ background with dark text. You can test a web page for ____________ using

3 3 Lesson 2—Working w/ Text You can enter text directly, copy and paste text from another source, or _________ text. Text on a computer screen is _______ difficult to read than on paper. There are two general types of fonts: serif and _____ serif. (Some fonts may not be available to all users.) You can specify a font combination of _______ fonts. If one is not available to the user, the next is tried. The default base font size in Dreamweaver is ____. Don’t mix too many fonts and formats on a page or risk creating the “_________ note” effect.

4 4 Lesson 3—Links Links that can’t find their intended destinations are called _________ links. A web page should always have a point of ________, such as a _________ link. A ____________ bar contains links to the major pages of a web site. A page may also contain other links besides those in the navigation bar.

5 5 Lesson 4—The History Panel Using the History panel in Dreamweaver allows you to undo mistakes (select ________, Others, History). By using the Code view, you can write your own code for important features such as __________ functions. You can add an HTML comment in Design view by selecting the Comment button on the _________ tab.

6 6 Lesson 5—Modify and Test The best way to test a web page is to preview in a __________ window. It is not acceptable to publish a page that is “under _____________.” It is also recommended to view your pages in different browsers and at different screen ____________.

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