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Microsoft TM SharePoint Content Management SystemTutorial By Mazen Abdallah Student Assistant at CNS 2010.

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1 Microsoft TM SharePoint Content Management SystemTutorial By Mazen Abdallah Student Assistant at CNS 2010

2 What is Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint is a web development platform that allows any user with basic computer literacy to create and edit web pages. This means that no programming skills would be necessary to create and edit web pages.

3 How do I get started? To begin, type this web link in your browser (preferably IE): Enter your AUB imail username and password. Use this format to enter the information WIN2K\userPassword

4 The editing page Browse to your website’s URL (for example, the Charles W. Hostler Student Center The resulting page will look like the following:

5 Note that the page is actually identical to the AUB page you are working on, and the only noticeable difference is the newly available tabs on the top section.

6 Site Actions The ‘Site Actions’ Tab contains the majority of tasks needed to create and maintain web pages. Click on it to begin working on your page. Its subcategories are as follows:  Edit Page  Create Page  Create Site  Hide Page Editing Toolbar  View All Site Content  View Reports  Site Settings  File Manager


8 Creating a Page Click on the ‘site actions’ button and select the second option ‘Create page’. This will bring up a new screen. Here you can enter the page’s title and its description (for Google search purposes). The page type is selected by default as ‘aub-articlepage’. If it is not, select this option.

9 Select this option if it is not already selected

10 Editing a New page The only element in the page now will be the ‘Edit Content’ tab. A link titled ‘Click here to add new content’ will be directly under it. Click it to get started

11 Click here to get started

12 Editing an Existing Page Click on the ‘edit page’ button. A new Screen will load, and you will be able to edit text and images within the page.

13 Select the ‘Edit Page’ option

14 You can now use normal text editing features to add and remove text

15 The ‘Edit Page’ features Basic features allow text editing. If users require additional features, they can use the editing toolbar.

16 The Edit toolbar contains several useful features necessary for a page

17 Inside the Editing Toolbar Hyperlinking: Is the process of adding links to other pages within the page To hyperlink, select a section of text and click the hyperlink icon or click (Ctrl-k) A dialog box will appear, allowing you to browser and pick up the page you wish to link to.

18 Either enter the webpage address or select a page from the ‘browse’ menu

19 Inside the Editing Toolbar  Adding Images In order to add images, select the add image icon and do one of the following Type in the image’s address Click Browse and locate the image on the site Click Browse and upload the image from your personal computer

20 Enter the image’s web address on the site. If you do not know the image’s address, click browse to locate the image. Also, browse can be used to upload new images

21 Select an image from the menu by double clicking its thumbnail. Also, click the ‘Up’ button to navigate through the site, just like in windows browsing. Alternately, click upload to upload a new image to the site

22 Inside the Editing Toolbar The remaining features of the toolbar are fairly standard Cut, Copy, Paste Cut, Copy, Paste Add/Edit Table Add/Edit Table Edit HTML code Edit HTML code Change Font Size/Style Change Font Size/Style

23 Completing a Page After editing is complete, click the ‘Check In to Share Draft’ option at the top of the page to preview your page. After this, if you have “Approver” privileges for the page, click ‘Publish’. If not, the option will not appear, and you may select the ‘Submit for Approval’ option.

24 After editing, click here to save the page and preview your work If you are a web contributor, click here If you are a web approver, click here

25 Changing Navigation links In order to change the order of the navigation links that appear on the right side of the page: Click the site actions tab, select ‘modify navigation and use the next page to change the visible navigating options.

26 Click this option

27 Use these options to edit the navigation pane on the right

28 The Site Management Explorer The file manager allows you to view the site’s pages and sub-sites like a file explorer. It also allows you to create, access, delete and move the pages and sub-sites. Access it by clicking ‘Site Actions’ and selecting ‘Manage Content and Structure’

29 Click here to access the Site Management Explorer

30 Create pages and sites in this directory Move, copy or delete a page or site The remaining features are fairly standard file explorer tools Click to return to the site

31 Correcting Design Errors Some errors are likely to arise during the editing process. If a user does not check in his/her changes, they will be lost. If the user has done so already, then he/she can access ‘version history’ by clicking the ‘tools’ button on the bar above the site. You will then be redirected to a page showing all the versions. Here you can select the one you would like to republish.

32 Click to view earlier versions

33 Use these options to see a more detailed view of this page version or restore it

34 Final Tips  Always check work carefully and keep track of what you check in/out or publish.  Familiarize yourself with the interface before publishing the page.  Contact CNS with any special requests you have such as webforms, flash content and embedded video.  Have fun with the SharePoint interface. It’s here to make your life easier.

35 Further Questions For any additional queries, please do not hesitate to call the extension 2260 for support or email the Webmaster at

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