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E-Portfolio Using Why Google? Easy to use Easy to share Accessible Permanent.

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1 E-Portfolio Using

2 Why Google? Easy to use Easy to share Accessible Permanent

3 Getting started Open a web browser to Sign up for a gmail account.

4 Navigate to Google Sites Click the “more  ” and choose “Sites” In the new window, click “Create site” Give your site a name. Add a description Set your accessibility Choose your theme Enter the security code Create the site!

5 More on security At any time you can change the Sharing Permissions on your site. - Click on the “Site Settings” button on the menu bar. - Choose “Share this site” - Add and remove collaborators - Make the site public or limit access

6 Levels of collaborators Owners ◦ Everything you can do Collaborators ◦ Create, edit, delete pages ◦ Move pages ◦ Add attachments ◦ Add comments ◦ Add/remove pages to the sidebar navigation ◦ Subscribe to site and page changes Viewers ◦ Only view pages

7 Editing a page Click the edit button This opens up the editing window with an editing menu bar

8 Editing menu Save – saves the content to the webpage Cancel – goes back to page view, no changes Formatting buttons – font type, font size, formatting, text color, and other common tools,

9 Inserting images and more Click “Insert” and choose “Image”. Images can be uploaded from your computer or pulled from another website. When an image is highlighted, a special option bar appears. Here you can change the page alignment, size or remove the image.

10 Linking To link one webpage to another simply enter the edit page mode. Click on Link and choose a destination page from your site or type in an external page. Press ok. You can also highlight text or pictures and press Link. The highlighted text/picture will now be a link.

11 Create a new page Creates another webpage for your site Choose type of page ◦ Webpage – common webpage ◦ Dashboard – Gadget template ◦ Announcements – Blog-like posting template ◦ File Cabinet – File access template ◦ List – Different list setups

12 Creating a new page Choose the level where the page will exist ◦ Top level ◦ Under current page ◦ Another location

13 Bread crumb trail Creating sub pages will automatically create what is known as a bread crumb trail at the top of the page. Clicking on the links will take you to a higher level page.

14 The sitemap The sitemap displays all of the pages on your site and the hierarchical layout. This is great for finding lost pages or when trying to organize bread crumb trails. Clicking on a page in this view will bring it up in the browser.

15 Uploading files Use attachments at the bottom of the page Use the File Cabinet template

16 Changing the look of your site On any page, you can click on the “Site Settings” button and choose “Change appearance”. You can change the “Navigation” panes, Themes and colors and fonts for the entire site.

17 Changing the look of your site If you click on “Other Stuff” from the tabs, you will find options to: ◦ Change your site name ◦ Display the site name ◦ Edit the description of your site This screen also allows you to delete the entire site.

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