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4 A interactive science notebook (ISN) is your own personalized JOURNAL of learning about science A portfolio of your work in ONE convenient spot. This is great for studying for upcoming quizzes & test A great ORGANIZATIONAL tool that gives you permission to be PLAYFUL AND CREATIVE in your responses without "messing up" your notes. Allows you to be like a REAL SCIENTIST !



7 The Left SIDE LOVES student work. This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. This is the output or product side. The Right side is RESTRICTED and contains only information given by Mr. Stanley or Mrs. Clarke. Nothing else should be placed on the RIGHT SIDE!! The notebook is divided into TWO sections.

8 LEFT side loves STUDENT work = OUTPUT RIGHT side is restricted to TEACHER INPUT Bellringer #1 Fill in the missing word. Decomposer Producer Consumer Plants are ____. Lions, tigers, and bears are ____. Worms and mushrooms are____

9 The LEFT SIDE belongs to you. It contains your warm-up (QUESTION MARK) and the days activity (LIGHTBULB). On this page you may include diagrams, cartoons, drawings, poems, foldables, etc. Let your CREATIVITY go wild! ODD PAGES =1, 3, 5, 7, 9…YOU GOT IT..

10 The DAYS ACTIVITY is placed on the LEFT side of the notebook. INCLUDES: WARM-UP DAYS ACTIVITY Bellringer #1 Fill in the missing word. Decomposers Producers Consumers Plants are _________. Lions, tigers, and bears are ________. Worms and mushrooms are_________

11 The TOP of the left side of the has a question mark and is referred to as the Bell Ringer. This Bell Ringer is either on the whiteboard or on PowerPoint. It acts as a review before the start of class and should be completed within the first FIVE minutes of class. Fill in the missing word. Decomposer Producers Consumers Plants are _________. Lions, tigers, and bears are ________. Worms and mushrooms are_________

12 The days activity is placed on the LEFT or OUTPUT side of the notebook. This is indicated with a yellow light bulb icon. This section acts as a reinforcement for the RIGHT or INPUT side side and is referred to as the BELL RINGER. This side entails hands on, tactile learning

13 Science Bell Ringers Graphic Organizers Drawings/Illustrations Poems, Rap Songs Cartoons/Comics Lab Analysis Teach Your Parent YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT TO BE





18 The RIGHT SIDE belongs to me and should only contain information given or input from Mr. Stanley/ Mrs. Clarke. Nothing else should be placed on this page! The RIGHT SIDE contains the notepad icon and will contain all the TESTABLE material. Even Pages = 2,4,6,8..YOU KNOW IT.

19 The RIGHT side of the notebook contains information given to you by Mr. Stanley/ Mrs. Clarke. It has a purple notepad in the corner. This is the ESSENTIAL information that will DEFINITELY be on a quiz or test. Nothing else should go on this side.

20 Notes from – Teacher guided Powerpoint notes – Movie/Video – Article Readings Vocabulary words Lab procedures Study Guides



23 ISN's are easy to do and worth a lot of points, so take time and effort to do them well. "Always update your table of contents so papers don't get messed up - or in case of an ISN check. "An ISN is a great tool, keep it organized! "You have to spend quality time on your ISN. "Don't leave your ISN until the last day, otherwise you may be up to the early morning hours finishing assignments. "Colorize things. It looks so much better that way "Keep it in order, because you never know when a notebook check might come up. "Do not save your ISN until the last minute. Remember, it counts as much as a test."

24 Scissors colored pencils Erasable pens & pencils NO MARKERS! One - 5 SUBJECT Spiral Notebook MEAD works BEST Glue or glue stick (2 PER MONTH) HIGHLIGHTER

25 The name of the course: – 9 th Grade Biology The words: Interactive Science Notebook The class period that you have science: – Block 1, for example The school year: Spring 2011 Your awesome teachers: Mr. Stanley / Mrs. Clarke Your name: (self explanatory) TWO OR MORE SCIENCE PICTURES: – You can draw, get from magazine or Internet. My Name My Grade

26 INTERACTIVE SCIENCE NOTEBOOK 9 th Grade Biology YOUR NAME YOUR BLOCK Mr. Stanley/Mrs. Clarke Spring 2012

27 Starting with the 1 st page, number the first 14 pages. The 1st page is 0. Numbers should be small and at the top outside corner of every page. 2 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS AUTHORS PAGE ALL ABOUT YOU PAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS 0

28 On PAGES 1,2 & 3, glue in the Table of Contents (In Order). PAGE 4, 5 & 6 is the class syllabus. 4 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Class Syllabus 56

29 LAB SAFETY RULES LAB SAFETY RULES 7 8 On page 7 & 8, you will glue the lab safety rules. On pages 9 & 10, you will glue the Language of Science – Prefixes and Suffixes LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE 9 10 LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE

30 Unit Title Page Science as Inquiry Create a colorful Drawing or get pics that relate to the unit we are studying Be Colorful and Creative. 13 ISN GUIDELINES LAB SAFETY QUIZ 11 12 On page 11, you will glue your lab safety quiz. Page 12 & 13 will be your ISN Guidelines and at the beginning of each unit you need a Unit Title Page. ISN GUIDELINES


32 Sample Author P a g e

33 No RIPPED OUT pages or torn corners No DOODLING that doesnt relate to science Notebook should only be used for SCIENCE CLASS ONLY DATE AND NUMBER each page All entries must go into the Table of Contents BE COLORFUL & LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOK


35 Many thanks to these wonderful teachers for creating wonderful POWERPOINT slides from – Annette Holder, rockin Science Annette Holder – Doug Saunders, bringing History Alive! Doug Saunders –, great resource – Mr. Taft, student quotes Mr. Taft

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