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4.3 The Organized Labor Movement

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1 4.3 The Organized Labor Movement

2 Objectives Assess the problems workers faced in the late 1800s
Compare the goals and strategies of the different labor organizations Analyze the causes and effects of strikes

3 Workers Hardships Industry was booming Factory work
Wealth for owners of companies and large farms Improvements to society Factory work Immigrants-low pay, long hours, 6 days a week Sweatshops dangerous

4 Cont… Families in the workforce Company towns Women and children
Owned by the businesses and rented to employees “company store” : workers forced to buy from Sold on credit segregated



7 Labor Unions Form Early protests Socialism spreads
1820s: collective bargaining 1834: 1st union National Trade Union Socialism spreads Economic and political policy that favors public vs. private control of property Wealth spread to everyone

8 Cont… Knights of Labor 1896 labor union—all workers of any trade
Included African Americans Secret society Terence Powderly ,000 members but disappeared after failed strikes

9 Cont… American Federation of Labor (AFL) Samuel Gompers Craft union
Dues for membership Focus on wages, working hours, working conditions No women allowed!

10 Strikes First major strike 1877 railroad Haymarket Square, Chicago
1886 wanted 8 hr work day Many fights and police called in Protestor threw bomb, killed policeman Not good for the unions

11 Cont… Homestead Strike
1892 Carnegie steel plant cut wages, workers went on strike Henry Frick brought in the Pinkertons Killed several strikers Union called off strike

12 Cont… Pullman Strike Pullman Palace Car Co. laid off workers and cut wages Workers must live in company towns Eugene V. Debs called for national strike 300,000 rail workers walked off job President called in federal troops—Sherman Antitrust Act

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