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Using the eGMS to Support Title III October 1 st, 2009.

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1 Using the eGMS to Support Title III October 1 st, 2009

2 Session Agenda Review Processes being moved into eGMS Timeline for processes in eGMS Accessing the eGMS through IWAS Completing the Allocation Calculation The Consolidated Application for: TBE/TPI Title III – LIPLEPS Title III - IEP

3 Processes Moving to eGMS Calculation of Allocations for TBE/TPI Completing the Consolidated Application for TBE/TPI; Title III LIPLEPS; Title III- IEP Both processes include online submission and approval mechanisms.

4 Timeline The TBE/TPI Allocation Calculation process will be available to districts in early January, 2010. Submission date will be communicated, so that approvals can be finalized by the end of February 2010. The Consolidated Application for the 3 programs will be online by April 1 st, 2010. Reviews and Approvals will be completed as submitted applications are received.

5 5 Accessing eGMS through IWAS

6 6

7 7 TBE/TPI Allocations and Title III Consolidated will be available in this system listing by January and April respectively.

8 8 Application Select The Application Select page lists all applications/collections and amendments for the selected grantee, for a program.

9 9 Application Pages Each Tab on the Tab Strip contains a Web Page that is part of the application. Some are informational, and some require data entry. The Drop Down List at the top right allows users to switch from one Application Section to another, such as from TBE/TPI to Title III-IEP. Section List Tab Strip

10 10 Appendix 5-A This is a Draft page from the Allocation Calculation for TBE/TPI

11 11 Electronic Assurances Assurances can only be agreed to by the District Admin or someone authorized by the local Board of Education. All Assurance Pages must be agreed to before the application can be submitted.

12 12 Submitting an Application The Consistency Check must run and pass before Submission can occur. ISBE Reviewers will Approve or Return Applications for Changes from this page. Notifications will go through IWAS.

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