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A Farmers Market Association Fulfilling Your Triple Bottom Line Farmers Market Federation of NY – A Case Study.

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1 A Farmers Market Association Fulfilling Your Triple Bottom Line Farmers Market Federation of NY – A Case Study

2 Creation of the Farmers Market Federation of NY Developed a board of directors Structured a committee system Sought member input Developed a strategic plan

3 Developed partnerships to: Create successful programs Get our message out Make our voice heard

4 Who are our partners? State Dept of Agriculture Land Grant University Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators State Health Dept State Agency operating food stamp program Statewide grower organizations Consumer groups National organizations – –Farmers Market Coalition

5 How do we benefit our states markets and their farmers? Program Development –increase customer traffic at markets –Increase sales for farmers –Promote increased consumption of local foods –Create top of mind awareness of farmers markets

6 Statewide promotions Banners Tote bags Bumper stickers State Fair Brochures

7 2009 New York State Fair with Biz Kid$

8 NYS Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program Makes open air markets accessible to food stamp customers Debit and credit capability creates new wooden economy within the market Creates retail excitement Adds sales and profits for farmers.

9 Media kits help markets promote the program Encourages markets to develop community partnerships

10 Incentive programs benefit everyone Creating partnerships in the community Creates food access for low income consumers Builds traffic for farmers markets Increases revenue for market farmers

11 Services offered by a statewide organization can benefit both markets and farmers … Cost savings programs –Liability insurance programs Market development –Working with communities to develop new farmers markets –Assisting with market infrastructure development –Creating new marketing opportunities Market basket programs; food bank partnerships

12 Market Manager Training Annual conference for market managers –Developing professional standards for market management –Market manager training manual Farmers Market Information Days –Programmatic training; WIC Vegetable and Fruit Check Program, FMNP, EBT, regulatory Market Manager Mentoring Program

13 Networking & Communications Quarterly Newsletter Website NYFarmersmarket-L listserve

14 Advocacy Keeping farmers market issues at the forefront with local, state and federal policymakers –Strengthen current programs; ie FMNP, FMPP –Promote state level programs – funding for a farmers market grants program –Safeguarding agricultural interests - food safety issues, zoning regulations targeting agriculture, labor regs, insurance regs

15 Advocacy Advancing the industry – –Active member of the state Food Policy Council –Member of the state agricultural marketing program – Pride of NY –Advisory committees for marketing programs at land grant university –Advisory committee for legislative agricultural committees

16 Continuous Member Input - keeps the organization relevant Round table discussions at conferences and workshops Visioning sessions Member surveys Member inclusion in committees Keep the membership informed and involved.

17 A statewide Farmers Market Association can … Bring markets together to share information and resources Provide cost saving benefits Provide services to promote markets, increasing customer traffic and farmers sales and profitability Advocate on behalf of farmers markets Educate and inform

18 Helping markets fulfill their triple bottom line … Serving farmers with marketing opportunities Serving consumers with access to fresh, nutritious local foods Serving host communities with programs and services that make the market an economic, social, and nutritional benefit to the community

19 Diane Eggert Farmers Market Federation of NY 315-637-4690

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