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Network–Retail Program A partner in improving the health of our communities.

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1 Network–Retail Program A partner in improving the health of our communities

2 About Us The Network for a Healthy California–Retail Program is administered in part by the Public Health Institute, funded principally by the United States Department of Agriculture Food Stamp Program, and is one of nearly 200 projects within the Network for a Healthy California (Network).

3 The Network–Retail Program Our mission is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables by providing resources to food retailers that influence consumers at point of sale. The efforts of the Retail Program are to promote good health and to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer among low-income communities.

4 Target Audience Supermarkets, small/large chains and independent grocery stores. –Participating stores are located in areas where the majority of its residents are at or below the 185% federal poverty level. Low-Income Families –Low-income families have an increased risk of acquiring nutrition related chronic diseases.

5 Retail Program Components 1. Merchandising Materials 2. Promotional Events 3. Tools & Resources

6 Merchandising Materials: Signage The Retail Program provides seasonal signage at no charge to qualifying stores. Large 22x28 bilingual posters for use in our floor stands or in clear hanging sleeves. Medium sized posters for use in 13x34 counter-top signs that hold three sets of recipe cards.

7 Merchandising Materials: Newsletter The Retail Program provides a Harvest of the Month newsletter which is designed to empower shoppers to purchase and prepare a new Harvest of the Month item every month.

8 Merchandising Materials: In-store Radio Spots The Retail Program also provides thirty and sixty second in-store radio promotions for retailers to play on their PA system.

9 Merchandising Materials: Cross Promotional Wobblers Wobblers that promote fruits and vegetables throughout the store and encourages shoppers to add them to other food groups.

10 Promotional Events: Food Demonstrations Retail Specialists conduct informative and interactive food demonstrations to encourage customers to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables.

11 Retail Specialists conduct interactive fruit and vegetable store tours to provide selection, preparation, nutrition, storage, and peak season information to empower shoppers to purchase and prepare more fresh, canned, frozen, dried, and juiced fruits and vegetables. Promotional Events: Store Tours

12 Retail specialists can provide assistance with special observances such as Black History Month, Latino Health Awareness Month, Back to School, Juneteenth, National Nutrition Month, etc. to help retailers connect with the community they serve. Retail specialists can also assist with health fairs, radio remotes and other promotional events. Promotional Events: Observances

13 Tools & Resources Food Demonstration Training Kit and Store Tour Guide are available to learn how to conduct promotional events. Produce Handling Guide is available for an overview how to store and handle various fruits and vegetables.

14 Retail Program Industry Partnerships include...

15 Fresh Produce & Floral Council

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