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Scientific Method Overview

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1 Scientific Method Overview
Seven steps: Choose problem Research problem Develop hypothesis Write procedures Test hypothesis Organize data State conclusions

2 Choose a Problem What do you want to learn more about?
Ask a specific question Ex 1: Do plants need water to grow? Ex: 2: Is Mr. Pullins the best teacher of all time?

3 Research Your Problem How can you find the answer to your question?
Library Internet Adults Your own background knowledge!

4 Develop a Hypothesis THE
What do you think the answer to your question will be? Hypothesis- A statement that tries to explain a relationship between two variables THE They’re sisters…

5 Still Developing Hypothesis…
Use the words IF and THEN Ex 1: IF you water a plant more, THEN it will grow taller Ex 2: IF Mr. Pullins is your teacher, THEN you will become a genius! IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF THEN THEN

6 Still Developing Hypothesis…
What is a variable again? Variable: Anything that can be changed or manipulated during an experiment Ex 1: Type of plant, amount of water, sun exposure, etc. Ex 2: Time of day with Mr. Decker vs. Pullins, how much time spent, etc 2A + 3 = 7 2B + 3 = 7 2C + 3 = 7 2D + 3 = 7 2E + 3 = 7

7 Write Procedures How will you test your hypothesis? List materials
List each thing that you will do Number each step Write down EVERYTHING you will do Anyone should be able to replicate your experiment

8 Test Your Hypothesis Obtain materials Conduct experiment
Follow your procedure… exactly Be sure to control your variables Variable- Anything that can change or vary during an experiment

9 Controlling Variables
You need to know exactly what you are testing… …You have to control EVERYTHING Three different types: Independent variable Dependant variable Control variables

10 Independent Variable Independent variable- Example hypothesis:
The variable that you are changing or testing Example hypothesis: IF you water a plant more, THEN it will grow taller Water is the independent variable It will always be the IF portion of your hypothesis

11 Dependent Variable Dependent variable- Example hypothesis:
Changes in response to the independent variable The variable you are measuring Example hypothesis: IF you water a plant more, THEN it will grow taller Plant height is the dependent variable It will always be the THEN portion of your hypothesis

12 Control Variables Control variables- Example hypothesis:
Variables that are unchanged throughout the experiment Example hypothesis: IF you water a plant more, THEN it will grow taller Controlled variables: Soil, age of plant, type of plant, amount of sunlight, etc..

13 Organize Data Organize data into the following: Draw pictures
Tables Charts Graphs Draw pictures Take photos

14 State Conclusions What did you see, hear, smell, taste, etc?
Qualitative data Data that can’t be measured This baby has perfect teeth What does your numerical data show you? Quantitative data Data that can be measured This baby is 86 cm long

15 State Conclusions Decide what your data tells you about your hypothesis Decide how your hypothesis might change based on your results Communicate your results with others!

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