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By: Veronica Lake, David Mudd, Nathan Tharp MARY SHELLEY.

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1 By: Veronica Lake, David Mudd, Nathan Tharp MARY SHELLEY

2 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW Born- 30 August 1787 Died- 1 st February 1851 Father- William Godwin, Political Philosopher Mother- Mary Wollstonecraft, Philosopher and Feminist Husband- Percy Byssche, Romantic Poet Half Sister- Fanny Imlay Step Sister- Claire Clairmont Step Mother- Mary Clairmont

3 A LIFE FILLED WITH DEATH Mother dies 11days after she is born He first 3 children die of premature birth Her husbands first wife commits suicide shortly after her first child died Husband drowns Her half sister also commits suicide

4 IDEAS THAT BROUGHT US FRANKENSTEIN Mary was surrounded by death her entire life She had a dream about her first child, she brought him back from the dead. After taking a summer vacation in Geneva, Switzerland with a Lord Byron, her husband Percy, John Williams, and Claire her step sister. She was raised by her father, who was quiet dismissive.

5 HOW THE IDEAS AFFECTED THE BOOK Because Mary Shelley new best how it felt to loose someone she loved, she lost many people in her life time. Because of Mary Shelley’s dream about her child this is probably the main reason Frankenstein was written. Most of the book was written in Geneva, Switzerland, and that is where Victor grows up Victor’s father seems very dismissive toward him, but with the younger children not so much, this is because Mary know how it feels to be dissed by her father.

6 FREE WRITE Do you think Frankenstein came directly from Mary Shelley’s life?

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