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By : Tradesha Woodard, Rakesha Curry, Kinnyatta Smith, Maiya Mosby.

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1 By : Tradesha Woodard, Rakesha Curry, Kinnyatta Smith, Maiya Mosby

2  Mary Shelley was born on August 30, 1797, in London, England. Two years later, she published her most famous novel, Frankenstein. She became known and famous for Frankenstein. Shelley died of brain cancer on February 1, 1851, in London, England.

3  When Mary was four, Godwin married his neighbor, Mary Jane Clairmont. Godwin provided his daughter with a rich, if informal, education, encouraging her to adhere to his liberal political theories. In 1814, Mary Godwin began a romantic relationship with one of her father’s political followers, the married Percy Shelley. Together with Mary's stepsister, Claire Claremont they left for France and travelled through Europe; upon their return to England Mary was pregnant with Percy's child. Over the next two years, she and Percy faced ostracism, constant debt, and the death of their prematurely born daughter. They married in late 1816 after the suicide of Percy Shelley's first wife, Harriet.

4  Mary Shelley faced a lot of deaths in her past life. Her mother died trying to deliver her. She had two miscarriages, and her husband died 8 years after they were married leaving her and her son and without any money. As a child she had lots of nightmares. She actually liked them and always kept them private.

5  Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as part of a bet. She and her husband Percy Shelley were at Lord Byron's summer home in Switzerland. There was a thunderstorm one night and while cooped up in the house, they came up with a friendly competition. They decided to see who could write the best ghost story. Mary Shelley, although it doesn't have anything to do with ghosts, wrote Frankenstein. She won the contest hands down!

6  The thing that we all found so unique about her life was that despite all the tragic situations she had been through and experienced she still managed to become a successful writer. Her hard times and tribulations may have had a major effect on her success.

7  What is unusual about her work?  She has a unique style of writing. It’s not usual for a person to write about a monster. She let her imagination run wild which helped us to use a strong sense of imagery. She was original, one of a kind. She had her own form of style.

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