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Addiction Training & Workforce Development Initiative June 24, 2010 DAS Quarterly Provider Meeting.

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1 Addiction Training & Workforce Development Initiative June 24, 2010 DAS Quarterly Provider Meeting

2 Addiction Training & Workforce Development Initiative Todays presentation – General Overview of Program Services – Initial CADC and CPS Classes – Advanced LCADC/CADC Trainings – New Initiative for the Coming Year

3 Scope of Services Initial CADC and CPS Courses Recruitment Advanced Trainings for LCADC & CADCs

4 College and professional conferences Internship manual Recruitment Efforts Attend 10 to 15 events each year, reaching over 650 individuals this year

5 Initial CADC Classes – Atlantic (2) – Burlington – Camden – Essex – Hudson – Mercer 12 Training Sites in 11 Counties – Middlesex – Monmouth – Ocean – Passaic – Sussex 540 classes offered annually with 9,753 units of service last year

6 Eligibility Requirements Currently working at a DAS-licensed treatment agency Working towards LCADC or CADC Accumulating work experience in the field of substance abuse treatment and being supervised by a LCADC or another professional who is qualified to supervise interns as specified under NJ statue (13:34C-6.2) After completing coursework, students agree to take the additional steps to become certified/licensed which include successfully completing written and oral exam

7 CADC Courses Each site offers class one day per week Short waiting lists All five domains offered at every training site once per year Can finish program in as little as 45 weeks Over 600 program graduates to date

8 CADC Student Application Scholarship Application found at Students needing less than 10 courses to obtain their LCADC/CADC are given additional assistance to attend courses at multiple sites

9 High Standards of Performance Full-time trainers – 3 trainers – Rotate among statewide sites Student Evaluations – Collected by students – Summary shared with trainers Standardized NJPN Pre- and Post-tests – Scantron grading system Cohesive Classes Students move through together Average 30% increase in knowledge at NJPN classes Average 30% increase in knowledge at NJPN classes

10 Program Recordkeeping Database tracks students from start to finish Absenteeism carefully monitored Certificates distributed at end of EVERY CLASS

11 Initial CPS Classes – Cape May – Middlesex – Monmouth – Sussex – Warren 5 Training Sites

12 Initial CPS Courses Students apply for scholarships to attend five classes free per year Students can attend courses being offered by 5 local agencies providing CPS approved courses Classes offered on a periodic basis at each site Students attendance tracked in NJPNs Student Database Scholarship Application found at

13 CPS Course Topics Dynamics and Process of ATOD Dependency and Abuse Impact of Substance Use Disorders on Families and Larger Systems Prevention Issues with Special Populations Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Change Ethics and Legal Issues for Prevention Specialist

14 Advanced Trainings for LCADCs & CADCs CCS Intensive Trainings Specialized Trainings Mandatory Cultural and Social Issues Training Mandatory Legal Standards Training

15 Trainings for LCADCs and CADCs Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS)- Five-day training Intensive/Specialized Trainings- one to four days Six-hour Mandatory Cultural & Social Issues training Six-hour Mandatory Legal Standards training Submit a proposal to be an NJPN trainer!

16 Past Training Topics Co-occurring Disorders Motivational Interviewing Cultural Competence Providing Trauma-Sensitive Treatment for Survivors of Sexual Violence Designing a Culturally Sensitive Treatment Model for Women Providing Services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Orientation Questioning Clients

17 New Initiative Web-based modules (providing an orientation for students beginning our program) to assist in navigating the course towards licensure or certification

18 Todays Handouts NJPN Training Sites Flyer and Poster NJPN Mailing List Form Call for Proposals for Trainers of Addiction Professionals

19 NJPN Contact Information Phone:732-367-0611 Supervisors with questions are encouraged to contact Diane Liga For general questions, our support staff will be happy to assist your Interns who are interested in applying for a scholarship

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