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The NIMAC for Authorized Users: Advanced Portal Features June 2008.

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1 The NIMAC for Authorized Users: Advanced Portal Features June 2008

2 Welcome to NIMAC! This training is for AUs who already have a general acquaintance with searching and downloading from the NIMAC and are interested in more advanced portal features. If you were not able to attend the most recent NIMAC Basics training, you may want to download the PowerPoint from –it includes recent updates and news items!

3 Todays training will cover … –A Very Brief review of NIMAC operations –Hardware and browser recommendations and tips –Reporting portal issues to OverDrive –Using the Watchlist –Working with Sub-user accounts –Any questions you may have regarding working in the portal!

4 What is NIMAC? A repository of NIMAS source files used for accessible media production of K-12 textbooks and related core print instructional materials. NIMAC does not distribute any student- ready formats and so does not work directly with individual schools, teachers or students.

5 How does the NIMAC get files? Customers require publishers to submit NIMAS files to NIMAC when they purchase the print books. If you have not asked the publisher to submit files for print materials with a new purchase, the publisher is not required to submit files.

6 What materials are included? PRINT INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS-The term 'print instructional materials' means printed textbooks and related printed core materials that are written and published primarily for use in elementary school and secondary school instruction and are required by a State educational agency or local educational agency for use by students in the classroom. To date, neither OSEP nor Congress have provided additional guidance on how states should interpret core.

7 What cannot be accepted? NIMAC does not currently reject material based on whether it meets a definition of core. However, we cannot accept: –Teachers editions –Material not published in a print version –Advance copy versions of texts

8 What does source file mean? NIMAS file sets include an XML file for the textual portion, and a folder containing all the images for the text. A typical textbook may contain thousands of images. The current NIMAS standard does not require alt text for images. While many devices can read an XML file, value- added work must be done to make a NIMAS file set a fully-accessible version for the student.

9 Working with NIMAS files … NIMAS files can be several GB in size. NIMAC has already received some file sets over 6 GB.

10 Hardware and Networking If you will be downloading file sets, you will need: Windows 98 or above Internet Explorer 5.5 or above 512 RAM (minimum) 1 GHz processor (minimum) A high-speed internet connection

11 Other helpful hints: Be sure your local network settings and firewall will allow you to download large files. You may need to disable pop-up blockers or browser accelerators if they interfere with your ability to download.

12 Other helpful hints: If you experience problems in the portal, OverDrive recommends refreshing your browser and trying againor closing the session and logging in again.

13 What if I assign files to an AMP? As a convenience for AUs, NIMAC has built an AMP portal into the system so that your AMPs can directly download files that you assign them. Even if you are only searching and assigning files to AMPs, you still need a compatible OS and IE. Macs will work sometimes but are not compatible with all system functionality.

14 More about AMPs … Registration as an AMP with the NIMAC does not constitute an endorsement by NIMAC or APH. Before selecting an AMP, you should do any necessary homework to verify that the AMP can produce the format you need and meets your standards for quality and turnaround time. All negotiations between the AU and AMP occur outside the NIMAC.

15 If you have a problem while working in the portal … Email OverDrive technical support at:

16 To help diagnose your problem … OverDrive will need to know: 1.Your Operating System (e.g., Windows XP) 2.Version of IE youre using (e.g., IE 6) 3.Your NIMAC LoginID 4.If any firewalls, pop-up blockers, or web accelerators are running on the machine 5.The exact text of any error message received 6.Any recent changes to your PCno matter how smallprior to the problem





21 Manage Watchlist This feature allows you to be notified when files that you are awaiting are available in the NIMAC. You enter the ISBN of the item and once that item has been certified, the system will send you an automated email notification.









30 Manage User Accounts Sub-user accounts are available to AUs in case they need to assign someone else to download or assign filesfor example, when you are on vacation or during especially busy times. We ask that any sub-user have a LUA on file at your organization, but it is not necessary to mail it in to NIMAC. Sub-user accounts expire after 3 months.




34 Choosing user rights … User rights include: –View Reports –Manage Users –Assign Titles –Download Titles –Search NIMAC –Manage Watchlist

35 To assign user rights … Hold down the control (Ctrl) key while clicking with the mouse. Be sure to scroll down to view all the rights options. Once youve finished the web form, just click on Submit.







42 A final reminder about passwords… Be sure to make a note of the password you have created for the sub-user. You will not be able to see this password when you go into the portal. However, if you forget the password, you can assign a new one.

43 Coming soon … OverDrive is working on system development related to: –Search interface –AU brief display (show previous downloads by other AUs) –Reports functionality –Publisher contact list within AU portal –Mac compatibility Stay tuned for additional AU trainings!

44 Contact Us! For searching help or other questions, contact us Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 4:30 PM ET: 502-899-2230 or 1-877-526-4622 (1-877-52-NIMAC) Visit our web site: Email us

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