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Cooperative Network Design EUROCONTROL - New horizons for aviation.

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1 Cooperative Network Design EUROCONTROL - New horizons for aviation


3 3 Current context 2008 was a difficult year for air transport, and 2009 is set to be even tougher. However, demand in the longer term is still set to rise substantially with traffic surging to 18 million in 2030. This is no time to lose sight of the long-term challenges and goals, because the challenges ahead continue to require decisions and actions today David McMillan, Director General of EUROCONTROL – January 2009

4 4 Demand is set to increase again 3.7% traffic growth forecast for 2008-2014 40% increase in passengers 2000-2010 5,000+ business flights/24h by 2017 Major airports to increase from 8 in 2005 to 31 in 2050 3.4 million flights NOT accommodated in 2025 (in fastest growth scenario) Source: EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Statistics & Forecasts - 2008

5 5 The European ATM Community is developing a common programme that will meet the challenges of today (costs, environmental concerns) and exploit the opportunities of tomorrow The SINGLE EUROPEAN SKY

6 6 1/1/2009 EUROCONTROL sets up CND focused on and aligned with the Single European Sky and SESAR* *SESAR is the technological dimension of the Single European Sky

7 Why CND is making the difference…

8 8 CND - A single focal point for the design and development of the future ATM system in Europe Managing research and development activities Coordinating Short term programmes Supporting and guiding stakeholders in their implementation Supporting the European Commission in the drafting of rules and specifications Providing a reliable platform for civil/military cooperation and coordination

9 9 CND – A simplified interface Activities aligned with key ATM priorities: SESAR, network development and support to SES and civil-military coordination Common performance targets per expertise or programme area Streamlining of management and costs Flexibility in the use of in-house expertise


11 11 CND – Improved stakeholder relations A streamlined and reinforced Air Navigation Services Board (ANSB), mandated by the Provisional Council to endorse the Agency business plans; Effective working arrangements between the Director General, the Air Navigation Services Board, the Standing Committee on Finance, and the Provisional Council; The creation of Supervisory Boards, with external participation; Military ATM Board (MAB), ensuring high-level military representation in the decision-making and planning processes as well as advising DG and PC of the military view in strategic ATM matters; Stakeholder Consultation Group ( SCG) and Operations Coordination Group (OCG) on proposed decisions regarding strategic ATM developments and network operations.

12 12 CND – Key facts (I) The cluster of expertise you can rely on to implement the Single European Sky A visionary organisation with proven successes A simplified interface, speaking with a single voice, for the design and development of the future ATM system Extensive expertise and experience in pan- European context (in-depth knowledge of the systems of the 38 EUROCONTROL Member States) as well as global interoperability A platform at your service, listening to and balancing your needs with full impartiality

13 13 CND – Key facts (II) Cost-effectiveness and transparency: you know how and where the money is spent ! Enhanced partnership at all levels All CND staff involved and committed to deliver, with maximum performance CND ready to support the Agency in becoming the ATM Network Manager in Europe !

14 C-N-DC-N-D

15 15 Cooperative Network Design Cooperation and consultation bringing efficient systems to Europes airspace CND – fostering cooperation between businesses, lawmakers and civil and military stakeholders at all levels

16 16 Cooperative Network Design Monitoring and providing improvements to the ATM Network CND – A solid network, including all ingredients that make up the Air Traffic Management System (airports, flight routes,...) and the people behind the systems (ANSPs, airlines, airport operators, military, EUROCONTROL, EASA,...)

17 17 Cooperative Network Design Aviation needs innovation CND – Enabling excellence at the cutting edge of design, research and innovation Ensuring high standards for safety and security

18 18 We support internal reforms at the Agency because we believe that they constitute an important phase in the European convergence process, which will result in the Single European Sky. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Transport - June 2008

19 19 CND - Main contacts Bo Redeborn Director CND Jean-Robert Cazarré Deputy Director CND Director CMAC & SESI Erik Merckx CND Deputy Director for Central Management Functions Bernard Miaillier CND Deputy Director for SESAR Contribution Lex Hendriks CND Deputy Director for Network Development Jean-Luc Garnier CND Deputy Director for SES Implementation Ian Middleton CND Deputy Director for Centre of Expertise Stakeholder Relations Rue de la Fusée, 96 / Office 54.153 / B-1130 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 729 51 62 Fax: +32 2 729 99 84 E-mail:

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