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WECC/TEPPC Response to DOE Funding Opportunity Status Update June 29, 2009 Bradley Nickell Renewable Integration and Planning Director.

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1 WECC/TEPPC Response to DOE Funding Opportunity Status Update June 29, 2009 Bradley Nickell Renewable Integration and Planning Director

2 2 Funding Opportunity Announcement Up to $60 million in DOE funding to (A) Interconnection-level Analysis and Planning (B) State Cooperation on Electric resource planning and priorities. Responses due August 14, 2009 Funds available through the Stimulus Bill DE-FOA0000068

3 3 WECC Funding Proposal Response to FOA Timeline July 1 – SPG drafting meeting July 10 – Draft response/key points July 14 – RPTF meeting Decision on key provisions July 21 – Draft response/key points to WECC Board July 29-31 – WECC Board meeting August 12 – WECC submittal

4 4 WECC Funding Proposal Response to FOA

5 5 WECC Funding Proposal Funding Request Inclusions WECC Planning activities (staff, tools, subcontracts) Administration Meetings & travel SPG Planning activities Participation NGO Participation

6 6 WECC Funding Proposal What Changes? Increase the breadth and depth of TEPPC regional planning activities Breadth Scenario planning approach Larger matrix of generation/load scenarios Additional tools and study methodologies More involved parties Depth Direct tie back to policy and societal drivers Total cost comparisons

7 7 WECC Funding Proposal What Wont Change? Evolving TEPPC coordination with other committees Process compliance with FERC 890 Role of subregional planning groups No endorsement of specific projects

8 8 8 Questions Bradley Nickell Renewable Integration Director Western Electricity Coordinating Council 801.455.7946


10 10 Stimulus Bill Language That for the purpose of facilitating the development of regional transmission plans, the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability within the Department of Energy is provided $80,000,000 within the available funds to conduct a resource assessment and an analysis of future demand and transmission requirements after consultation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Provided further, That the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability in coordination with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will provide technical assistance to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the regional reliability entities, the States, and other transmission owners and operators for the formation of interconnection- based transmission plans for the Eastern and Western Interconnections and ERCOT: Provided further, That such assistance may include modeling, support to regions and States for the development of coordinated State electricity policies, programs, laws, and regulations:…

11 11 Funding Opportunity Announcement Topic A Creation of Interconnection-level Transmission Plans A body of analysis that identifies new or greatly- upgraded lines required under a wide range of potential futures Include operational implications, emissions, cost Analyses must be transparent, and produced through collaboration among industry experts and representatives from states, federal agencies, and relevant NGOs Requires multi-constituency steering group to provide strategic direction. At least 1/3 of steering group to be state officials

12 12 Funding Opportunity Announcement Topic B Facilitate cooperation among states in Western Interconnection on electric resource planning and priorities Participate in Topic A Completion of WREZ stages 3 and 4 Environmental implications of transmission plans Demonstrate/develop means of reaching consensus among states to implement plans Funds available to states

13 13 Other Elements of FOA Funding period is 3-5 years Money allocated by end of FY 2010 Cost sharing encouraged, not required Activity must be perpetual Applicants have to show how they would coordinate their work with other entities (e.g., WGA, National Labs)

14 14 Regional Planning Whitepaper Purpose RPTF formed by TEPPC in March in anticipation of FOA to oversee development of a white paper Provide a framework for the WECC/TEPPC response to provisions relating to interconnection- wide transmission planning Inform stakeholders about efforts to prepare a response to an anticipated DOE request for proposal Seek stakeholder involvement in these efforts so that the Western Interconnection is ready to submit a comprehensive funding request

15 15 Funding Opportunity Announcement Status Draft 3.2 of white paper released June 5 and discussed at TEPPC June 11 Incorporated WECC Board direction Incorporated DOE information Next steps are to draft specific response based on white paper, resolve remaining issues, seek TEPPC and board approval. Response due August 14.

16 16 WECC Funding Proposal Body of Work - Deliverables Biennial Regional Planning Process Scenario-based Transmission Plans Quantification of industry drivers Identification of transmission capacity needs Impacts on operations/reliability/cost Comprehensive report Data and models Environmental (emissions) Capital Cost Production Cost

17 17 WECC Funding Proposal Schedule for Work Biennial Regional Planning Process Scenario Based Studies Transmission plan(s) and operational implications

18 18 WECC Funding Proposal Proposal Coordination with others WECC will coordinate its proposal with WGA, who is preparing a proposal that will fund related state/provincial activities, participation, etc. These will be submitted separately WECC will be making a request to DOE for assistance from the National Labs Technical Support Data and Models Participation

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