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How to make Patent Information useful in a business environment ? WIPO forum on IP 13-14 September 2007 NICO DECONINCK – Belgian.

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1 How to make Patent Information useful in a business environment ? WIPO forum on IP 13-14 September 2007 NICO DECONINCK – Belgian Patent Information dep.

2 Overview Searching for patent information –Activities : What has been changed over the last years ? –Our customers, a few figures… –Patent searches and sources Making the patent information comprehensible –A practical approach : every customer needs an answer… –How to use patent information… Patent training and awareness campaign –A differentiation approach Final remarks - experience


4 What has been changed over the last years… From a passive library to a an active promotion service From a CD-DVD approach to an internet environment From basic general training to a customised tailor-made vision From an isolated entity to a networking member From basic patent searches to a customer oriented business info

5 The customers…

6 Request Free Db Customer BPO Attorn. Decision YES NO YES NO Office interaction No office interaction

7 Customers 2001 Customers 2006Customers Jul2007

8 Just a few remarks… Patent attorneys are important as intermediate players SMEs are difficult to identify when patent attorneys represent them Private inventors use free sources more frequently

9 Patent searches and sources Patent sources : EPOQUE and STNeasy Free patent sources Several kinds of patent searches





14 Epoque usage 2006

15 Epoque usage until Jul2007

16 Frequently used free accessible patent databases OMPI/WIPO : USPTO : European Register : file inspection Belgian Register : NPO : http://www.innovaccess.eu

17 Are these features novel and inventive ? Method for preparing : Artemisinin and Cyclodextrins Spray-dried Inclusion complex Pharmaceutical compound Use against malaria

18 Is this product/method/use free to commercialise ?

19 Is this product patented ? Valid ? Where ? INPADOC PFS-PRS

20 Does company X has a patent for patterned concrete slabs ? What about patent pending…

21 How can I screen the patent behaviour in my technical field ?

22 Before starting investments in R&D, I would like to have an overview of the technology field and its players !

23 BEADS : its methods of coding or tagging L01J219/00C2H2/ICO OR L01J219/00C2L2/ICO : 884 hits L01J219/00C2N : means for coding or tagging

24 I would like to invalidate a competitors patent ! The air nipple is not placed at its end remote from the nozzle. Compressed air is blown. Document does not disclose abutment means for positioning of the pen. Conclusion : not obvious Mouth piece Nozzle Pen Outlet orifice



27 Were all searchers now…search smarter, not harder ? (S.Adams)

28 Every customer needs an answer…

29 Problem analysis Reference Keyword approach IPC/EC/FT/ICO analysis Relevant docs IPC/EC/FT/ICO analysis Citations/cited Other IPC/EC/FT/ICO Relevant docs Citations/cited Other IPC/EC/FT/ICO

30 Example : coated probe tips C23C14/06B C23C16/26 C23C16/27 G12B21/02 G12B21/08 G01B7/34A1 G01N27/00F1A C23C14/06B : Coating by vacuum evaporation, by sputtering or by ion implantation…carbon C23C16/26-27 : Chemical coating of gaseous compounds (CVD), carbon(26) – diamond(27) G12B21/02-08 : Details or apparatus using scanning probes techniques G01B7/34A1 : Measuring arrangements characterised by the use of electric or magnetic means for measuring roughness or irregularity of surfaces G01N27/00F1A : Investigating or analysing mat. By the use of electric…structural details of probe tips

31 Relations between classifications… H01L21/8252 H01L27/06C H01L29/20B H01L21/205C H01L21/285B6 H01L21/335 H01L21/336P H01L21/337P H01L29/778C2 H01L29/778E H01L21/335P3 H01L21/336 H01L21/786 H01L21/338P H01L29/45B H01L33/00C4D3C H01L33/00G3C FET HEMT AIIIBV

32 Hybrid electricity and telecommunications distribution network IPC-EC : H04B3/54+ : Systems for transmission via power distribution lines EC : H02J13/00F4B2B2 : Details of signals treatment means… ICO : T02J3/00F4B2B : …using the power network as support for the transmission…using pulsed signals FT : 5J024/.. : filters and equalizers FT : 5K046/.. : wire transmission systems FT : 5K046/AA03 : power line UC : 307/.. : electrical transmission or interconnection system UC : 324/.. : electricity : measuring and testing UC : 370/.. : multiplex communications UC : 455/402 : telecommunication, over power line DC : S01 : Electrical instruments DC : U25 : Impedance networks and tuning DC : W01 : Telephone and data transmission systems DC : W02 : Broadcasting, radio and line transmission systems

33 How to use patent information for business purposes… Be aware of patented technology Be aware of the patents of your competitors Patents on core technology Validity and juridical value of patents Infringement risk analysis Claim analysis/construction

34 SS1 : ELISA : 615 hits SS2 :..MEMS /EC : G01N33/543+/EC/IC SS3 : G01N33/543+/EC/IC AND ELISA : 125 hits SS4 :..MEMS /CT : US4376110 SS5 : 435/7.92/UC SS6 :..MEMS /CT : US4376110

35 Example : the use of interferon(INF) against cancer INTERFERON+ A61K38/19+ C12N15/82C4D+ A61K38/20+ C12N33/68D2+ A61K38/21+ K61K39/555B2+/ICO C07K14/52+ M12N414/52+/ICO C07K14/53+ M12N501/24+/ICO C07K14/55+ S01N333/68D2+/ICO C07K14/56+ S01N333/555+/ICO C07K14/57+ S01N333/56+/ICO C07K14/715+ S01N333/57+/ICO S01N333/715+/ICO Cancer+ Carcinoma+ Tumo?r+ Sarcoma+ Neoplasia+ Melanoma+ Carcinogen+ Oncogen+ Apoptosis Retinoblastoma+ Dysplasia+ Neuroblastoma+ Lumphoma+ Glioma+ Mesothelioma+

36 A61K38/21 Keyword IFN not in the abstract

37 Source : 1. CL/INTERFERON OR CL/IFN 2. 1 AND CL/DYSPLASIA* 3. 1 AND CL/RETINOBLASTOMA*… X. ((IC/A61K-38/21 OR IC/C07K-14/555 OR IC/C07K-14/56 OR IC/C07K-14/565 OR IC/C07K- 14/57) AND AB/DYSPLASIA) ANDNOT 2



40 ((((((((IC/A61K-38/21 OR IC/C07K-14/555) OR IC/C07K-14/56) OR IC/C07K-14/57) OR IC/C07K-14/565) OR CL/INTERFERON*) OR CL/IFN*) AND ((((((((((((CL/CANCER* OR CL/CARCINOMA*) OR CL/TUMOR*) OR CL/TUMOUR*) OR SARCOMA*) OR NEOPLASIA*) OR MELANOMA*) OR CARCINOGEN*) OR ONCOGEN*) OR APOPTOSIS*) OR DYSPLASIA*) OR NEUROBLASTOMA*) OR LYMPHOMA*)) AND (PCN/BE OR ANA/BE)): 37 records. Example : Belgian applicants for cancer technology in PCT applications


42 Composite materials in cycle frames


44 How to read claims ? Thrust bearing Collar ring

45 Patent training and awareness : differentiation

46 Audience oriented approach Practical exercises (free and commercial databases) Field oriented examples, not always ordinary standard examples Computer searching Experience related approach Definition of goals Interactive approach

47 Training patlib centres : searching free vs commercial databases Keywords : hood, bonnet, drop light B60Q3/06 : for lighting compartments other than passenger or driving space eg. Luggage or engine compartment F21L15/14 : Portable lighting devices; clips, clamps, head fittings None found this doc. (7 patlib centres) WO9734779 : 4 of 7 US4197573 not cited in WO9734779 Problem : US4197573 not classified in B60 Vehicle/bonnet not in claims ! Probably reason why not in B60 F21V is a good try !

48 Penicillium Notatum : A. Fleming – 1928 Did Mr. Fleming file a patent for… Strategy : epodoc database C12P37/EC/IC : 1026 hits and PD<1950 : 60 hits (penicillin) 435/936/UC (penicillium notatum) : 53 hits 6H4C/IDT – antibiotique extraits 6H4C2/IDT – du groupe pénicilline and PD<1950 : 46 hits 6H4C2D/IDT – séparation de la pénicilline => GB552619 (14/10/41) or FR940591 (17/7/45) improvements relating to bactericidal substances …extending the work of Fleming, Brit. Journal Exp. Path. 1929,10,226

49 Systematic (IUPAC) nameIUPAC Identifiers CAS number73590-58-6 ATC codeA02 BC01 PubChem4594 DrugBankAPRD00446 5-methoxy-2-[(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethyl- pyridin-2-yl)methylsulfinyl]-3H-benzimidazole CAS/REGISTRY PATENTS EPODOC/WPI

50 EPIROPRIM DAPSONE Selection inventions : pharma + = An antibacterial drug comprising an admixture of a sulphone and a pyrimidine derivative each of which has antibacterial activity

51 Capillar+ W electrophor+ 804 hits Capillar+ S electroph+ 976 hits Enantiom+ 6 EPODOC WPI G01N27/447+ C07B57/00 A61K31/44D Using electroph. Sep. of optic. Active compounds Pheniramine US6344121 US6316613 Capillary electrophoresis for the purification of Dexchlorpheniramine maleate


53 NPO network

54 Support in papers

55 SME – case studies

56 University courses

57 Beginning 2007 : awareness IP seminars for SMEs Regional sessions In co-operation with regional SME advisors Patents and copyright Belgian FPS Trademarks and designs : BOIP IP experience SME IP experience multinational

58 Final remarks : experience SMEs use free databases frequently but not intensive Technology watches are not fully integrated in strategy Awareness is increasing Bidirectional co-operation with regional SME advisors Patent attorneys are important intermediate actors

59 The ultimate passion of patent searching…

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