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The Harmony Project: Trilateral Classification Harmonisation Status January 2008.

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1 The Harmony Project: Trilateral Classification Harmonisation Status January 2008

2 Why Harmonisation? Increase in published documents –currently in EPO > 500,000 docs/year –further increase expected Reduce classification effort –collaborate in classification –avoid to classify twice Increase search quality –harmonise search practice Prepare and test IPC revision

3 OBJECTIVES 1.Common classification schemes in selected areas ECLAFI USPC. EPtitle1. JPtitle1. UStitle1.. EPtitle2.. JPtitle2. UStitle2.. EPtitle3.. JPtitle3. UStitle3... JPtitle4

4 HARMONY. JPtitle1. UStitle1.. New title1.. EPtitle2... New title2.. JPtitle3

5 ECLA USPC FI-FT Core level 20k Reformed IPC Advanced level 20k + 50k Advanced level extension 20k + 50k + 70k 2. Integrate common scheme in the IPC HARMONYHARMONY

6 MEANS 1.Informal: Promote direct interaction between examiners

7 ... by opening various informal communication channels E - mail Video-Conference or Telephone Meetings Trilateral Wiki (hosted by WIPO) Trilateral Examiner Exchange Trilateral Harmony Visit

8 The Trilateral Harmony Visit programme Launched in 2005 Face-to-face meetings of examiners of the Trilateral Offices Duration: one week Specific objectives –start new project –finalize / make progress in existing project Effective and flexible tool to push projects forward

9 Programme in 2007: T005H04NInteractive Video Distribution Systems T023G06TImage Processing T036G03F 1/00Photo-masks and screens T039B23K 26/00Working with lasers T052G01SGlobal Positioning Systems (GPS) T053G06FGraphical User Interfaces (GUIs) T060B62M 23/02Power-assisted bicycles T061B62M 9/12Bicycle derailleurs T005H04NInteractive Video Distribution Systems T035F24F5/Air-conditioning systems (outdoor units) T037H01L33/Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) T039B23K26/Working with lasers T053G06F3/Graphical User Interfaces T066B21D26/Shaping without cutting... T071F16DHomokinetic joints

10 MEANS (continued) 2.Formal: For each subproject: »project plan »target dates for each step »record of project history 1.Informal: Promote direct interaction between examiners +

11 ... on an official electronic platform (hosted by WIPO): Trilateral E-forum

12 Steering Committee: Trilateral Working Group on Classification 3.Overall Project management: Harmony Project Manager appointed in each Trilateral Office Harmony Project Coordinators (EPO: Classification Board members) Coordination for a group of subprojects

13 STATUS over 50 active projects all technical areas (T002-T074)

14 T068/USH01L 41/22-26Manufacturing of Piezoelectric devices or crystals T069/EPA63F 13/00Video Games T070/EPB65B 9/06, 9/08, 9/20Packaging Machines T071/EPF16D 3/223, 3/224Homokinetic joints T072/EPH04B 10/00Optical Communications T073/EPH04N 5/335Picture Signal Generation T074/EPH04L 12/56Packet switching systems Seven new Harmony projects created: 2007

15 A009/EP (based on T052) G01SGlobal Positioning Systems (GPS) A010/EP (based on T060) B62M 23/00Power-assisted bicycles A011/EP (based on T061) B62M 9/00Bicycle derailleurs Maintenance project M012 C07DHeterocyclic compounds A012/EP (based on T023) G06TImage processing A013/JP (based on T035) F24FAir conditioning systems A014/EP (based on T005) H04N Selectively providing video content to end users A015/EP (based on T042) F16HControl of hydrostatic gearing Eight Harmony projects forwarded to the IPC:

16 A006/EP (based on T010) B60K 6/02Hybrid Vehicles1 Oct 2007 A003/JP (based on T032) H04H Broadcasting Distribution Systems 1 Jan 2008 A008/JP (based on T031) H01M 4/00 H01M 10/00 Lithium-Ion batteriesno date set A002/US (based on T031 G05GPedals1 April 2008 Four Advanced Level revision projects adopted for introduction into the IPC

17 Thank you for your attention!

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