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Welcome Year 1 Mrs Fleming St George’s Church of England Primary School 2013 - 2014.

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1 Welcome Year 1 Mrs Fleming St George’s Church of England Primary School 2013 - 2014

2 How we are working Class teacher – Mrs Fleming Mrs Greening Mrs Maylor Games Coaches Miss Pacey

3 Core subjects MathsLiteracy

4 Maths Use mental strategies to solve simple problems using counting, addition, subtraction, doubling and halving, explaining methods and reasoning orally Compare two lengths, masses or capacities by direct comparison Suggest suitable standard or uniform non-standard units and measuring equipment to estimate, then measure, a length, mass or capacity Use everyday language to describe features of familiar 3-D and 2-D shapes Count reliably at least 20 objects Count on and back in ones from any small number, and in tens from and back to zero Read, write and order numbers from 0 to at least 20; understand and use the vocabulary of comparing and ordering these numbers Within the range 0 to 30, say the number that is 1 or 10 more or less than any given number Understand the operation of addition, and of subtraction (as ‘take away’ or ‘difference’), and use the related vocabulary Know by heart all pairs of numbers with a total of 10

5 Maths Use the language of 3D shape Cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, cone, cylinder 2D shape Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, star +/- 9,19,99,21,31… number, odd and even Recognise odd and even numbers. 4 rules Add, more, plus, make, sum, total, altogether Subtract, take away, minus, Rapid recall of the following facts Add numbers to 10 Addition and subtraction facts to at least 5 Add numbers to at least 20 Subtraction of numbers to at least 20 All multiples of 5 with a total of 100.(35+65) All multiples of 10 with a total of 100.(30+70) All multiples of 100 with a total of 1000.(300+700) +10 to any number -10 from any number Multiply any number by 10 Multiply any number by multiples of 10. Doubling and halving to at least 5 X tables x2 ¸ 2 x10¸ 10 Recognise triangles Recognise quadrilaterals Square, rectangle

6 Literacy Speak and listen for a wide range of purposes in different contexts Tell stories and describe incidents from their own experience in an audible voice Retell stories, ordering events using story language Listen with sustained concentration Listen to and follow instructions accurately, asking for help if necessary Listen to tapes or video and express views about how a story or information has been presented Take turns to speak, listen to others’ suggestions and talk about what they are going to do Ask and answer questions and take turns Read a wide range of texts on screen and on paper Read words by blending consonants eg sh, ch, th, including simple two-syllable words

7 Literacy Use sounds to read unknown or difficult words Read key words (see diary) Identify the main events and characters in stories, and find specific information in simple texts Make predictions showing an understanding of ideas, events and characters Explain the effect of patterns of language and repeated words and phrases Select books for personal reading and give reasons for choices Write a wide range of texts on paper and on screen - Creating and shaping texts Independently choose what to write about Write a simple story Find and use new and interesting words and phrases, including ‘story language’

8 Literacy Group written sentences together in chunks of meaning or subject Write simple sentences independently to communicate meaning Use capital letters and full stops when punctuating simple sentences Break up sounds in order to spell longer words Use knowledge of related words in spelling new word Spell Year 1 keywords Phonics Know all sounds for 44 graphemes Use alternative graphemes for reading and spelling e.g play, cake, brain Read a range of real and nonsense words to demonstrate understanding

9 Topics Term 1 & 2Ourselves Term 3 & 4Materials and homes long ago Term 5 & 6Seaside's long ago

10 Homework Little and often Reading – phonics and reading book daily (books changed twice a week) Homework diaries – must be in school every day please sign or write a comment when you have read with or discussed a book with your child Spellings - tested on a Tuesday Maths Games– due on Wednesday Library books – free choice Espresso – Website: Username: student19951 Password: george5

11 Parental support Support with homework activities Work to recall number facts rapidly Listen to your child read daily Sign homework diary/ maths game Help with school trips Remind your child to bring their book bag daily, PE kits to school

12 What’s coming up? 1 st November – Spellathon 13 th December – Christmas shopping event 13 th December – Christmas discos 18 th December – Christmas play (10.30am) 19 th December – Christmas play (2pm) 20 th December – Christmas service and parties Continue to look at the school website

13 Trips Walk around our local area 23 rd September was very successful. Day visits throughout the year to enhance topic work e.g Visit to a home from long ago and visit to Christchurch in Summer Term

14 Don’t forget to visit our school website for additional information:

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