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Welcome Year 1 Mrs Day St George’s Church of England Primary School 2014 - 2015.

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1 Welcome Year 1 Mrs Day St George’s Church of England Primary School 2014 - 2015

2 How we are working Class teacher – Mrs Day PE coaches – Mrs Walkland, dance. - Boston Soccer coach Jason, games.

3 Core subjects MathsLiteracy

4 Maths NUMBER Addition and subtraction Number and place value Multiplication and division Fractions  recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity, and a quarter as four equal parts of an object.

5 Geometry Maths Shape space and measures Position and direction Measurement

6 Literacy Speak and listen for a wide range of purposes in different contexts Tell stories and describe incidents from their own experience in an audible voice Retell stories, ordering events using story language Listen with sustained concentration Listen to and follow instructions accurately, asking for help if necessary Listen to CDs or video clips and express views about how a story or information has been presented

7 Literacy- Writing/Reading Use sounds to read unknown or difficult words Read high frequency words (see diary) Select books for personal reading and give reasons for choices Read books aloud. Re- read books to build up their fluency and confidence in word reading. Read and listen to a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Write a wide range of texts on paper and on screen - Creating and shaping texts Independently choose what to write about saying out loud what they are going to write about, composing a sentence orally before writing it Write a simple story Find and use new and interesting words and phrases, including ‘story language’

8 Literacy Spell Year 1 high frequency words- See homework diaries. Phonics Know all speed sounds for 44 graphemes- See homework diaries. Read words with more than one syllable e.g. pancake

9 Topics Term 1Incredible me! Term 2Let’s celebrate. Term 3Penguins and parrots. Term 4Dangerous dinosaurs. Term 5Jack and the frogspawn. Term 6The Jolly Postman.

10 Homework Little and often Reading – phonics and reading book daily (books changed twice a week) Homework diaries – must be in school every day please sign or write a comment when you have read with or discussed a book with your child Spellings - tested on a Tuesday Maths Games– due on Wednesday, please record on your child’s record card how they got on! Library books – free choice Espresso – Website: Username: student19951 Password: george5

11 Spellings! You can support your child by…. Look- encourage your child to look carefully at the word and memorise it. Cover- cover the spelling list with a piece of paper. Write- get your child to write the word from memory. Check- uncover the spelling list and get your child to check and mark their spelling. Get them to correct it if they got it wrong.

12 Parental support Support with homework activities Work to recall number facts rapidly Listen to your child read daily Sign homework diary/ maths game Help with school trips Remind your child to bring their book bag daily, PE kits to school

13 What’s coming up? 6th October – Parents evening, 4-6pm 9th October – Parents evening, 4-6.30pm 16 th October – Individual photos Continue to look at the school website

14 Trips Day visits throughout the year to enhance topic work e.g a walk around the local area as part of our Jolly Postman topic and visit to Christchurch in Summer Term. Another trip TBC on Mrs Flemming’s return!

15 Don’t forget to visit our school website for additional information:

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