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PRJ presentation in brief

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1 PRJ presentation in brief
Ramita Sharma Head a.i. Projects Unit Projects and Initiatives Department ITU/BDT 26 January 2009

2 Project Unit (PRJ) Created in 2007 Duties:
To respond to the need expressed by the membership to strengthen BDT’s project implementation capacity as well as to better respond to the challenge posed by the implementation of the newly approved 25 Regional Initiatives in connection with the results of WTDC and PP conferences calling the BDT to develop a strategy for strengthening the project execution function of the ITU (PRI); Duties: Take the lead for BDT Projects (global, regional & national) in: Identification Formulation Funding Implementation Monitoring Evaluation Closing Contribute to the development of BDT’s policy and strategies with respect to project execution funding in line with BDT projects/programme priorities.

3 ITU experience in projects implementation - Project cycle
Activity Outcomes Project Identification & Preparation Stocktaking of existing initiatives and consultation with individual countries and/or institutions Consultation and coordination with in-house expertise (technical, administrative and legal) Formulation of large-scale project: definition of projects objectives and subsequent expected results in liaison with beneficiary countries (assessment of their needs) Feasibility studies (if any), definition of the scope, inputs, requirements, outputs, implementation strategy, work plan, reporting mechanisms, budget Funding Arrangements & Agreements Project promotion: website, roundtable, meetings, etc. Identification and selection of potential partners Partnership building (agreement complying with expectations, procedures, requirements and contractual obligations of the partners) Project Implementation & Monitoring Implementation at field level with support of HQ following work plan and meeting partners expectations Administration of expert contracts and subcontracts Monitoring the planning and use of financial resources Technical, narrative and financial periodical (progress) reporting Completion of partners specific requests Project Closure Assessment and evaluation of impacts Reporting (production of narrative and financial report) Final Internal and External auditing Promotion and dissemination of the outcomes, lessons learned, achievements nt How ITU implements projects: - In-house and outsource expertise - Project cycle - Tools and guidelines Principles: - Transparency, visibility and accountability of ITU methods & practices - Partnership - Ownership - Sustainability Projects Partnership - Technical and financial contribution - WIN-WIN opportunity - Agreement

4 Examples of on-going & completed projects
500,000 to 1 mio. USD 1mio – 5 mio. USD Above 5 mio. USD ICT Policy & Regulatory Cooperation in the Asia Pacific region and addressing the unique ICT needs of the Pacific Island countries (ASP) Support to the establishment of an integrated ICT market in West Africa & ICT Regulatory Capacity Building Program for West Africa (AFR) Support for the establishment of Harmonized Policies for the ICT Market in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Telecommunication Infrastructure & contribution to the establishment of an Early Warning System in Earthquake/Tsunami-hit countries (ASP) Assistance for the Establishment of Sector Governance in Telecom in East Timor (ASP) Rehabilitation and Education Assistance to the Information Communication Training Institute (ASP) International Telecommunication Testing Centre (CIS) Support in the Spectrum Management Activities – Colombia (AMS) Support to implementation of the regulatory agency ANATEL- Brazil (AMS) Rural Telecommunications, ICT Services and Entrepreneurship Development (AFR) CoE Network for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa (AFR) Broadband wireless network in African Countries (AFR) MCT Projects for Special Initiative Groups (Global) ITU-AMD Learning Labs (Global) Policy and regulatory assistance in Asia and the Pacific (ASP) More information at:

5 Projects in Europe On-going: Under development: CoE Europe:
project that aims to bringing into operation a network of excellence amongst potential content providers (e.g. universities, technological institutions, training centers, etc) as well as service and technology providers who will provide on-line training solutions together with face-to-face workshops for decision-makers and senior level officials in the telecommunication sector in the Europe region. Under development: Development of Universal Access Service Strategies in Serbia Rebuilding the Public Broadcasting System in Serbia

6 Conclusion Regional participation is an ITU priority
Invaluable opportunities exist to share experiences, creative ideas, knowledge of business opportunities Building a global information society & closing digital divide can only be fully achieved through win-win partnership/ collaboration with other players Development of concrete projects to meet MDGs and WSIS goals by 2015.

7 THANK YOU Ramita Sharma, Head a. i. , PRJ ramita. sharma@itu
THANK YOU Ramita Sharma, Head a.i., PRJ Sandrine Guyot, Project officer, PRJ

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