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ITU-D Overview.

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1 ITU-D Overview

2 ITU in brief Leading United Nations Agency for ICTs.
191 Member States, 566 Sector Members Three sectors: Radiocommunication Standardization Development ITU TELECOM Events

3 ITU’s Global Presence 5 regional offices, 8 area offices
HQ in Geneva, Switzerland

4 Working with ITU

5 ITU-D: Your Partner for ICT Development
ITU-D is a catalyst for multi-stakeholder partnerships Mobilize human, technical and financial resources Neutral broker between government and industry Executing agency for project implementation and expert assistance to countries

6 Development Activities
Enabling Environment Emergency Telecommunications Infrastructure/Access Regional Initiatives Capacity Building Special Initiatives Cybersecurity & E-Applications Statistics & Market Information 6

7 Regional Initiatives Objective:
Meet specific needs identified by member states in each region Actions: Undertake small and large scale projects Led by regional offices, supported by Geneva HQ

8 Connect the World Summits to mobilize resources in each region:
Leaders from industry, dev banks, governments, int/regional organizations Projects to realize common goals Connect Africa was 1st Summit: $55 Billion in commitments for ICT development by 2012 Connect CIS 2009, Americas 2010, Arab States 2011, Asia-Pacific 2012

9 Wireless Broadband Initiative
Objective: Expand broadband access in underserved areas Outcomes Develop and deploy wireless networks Guarantee capacity for schools, hospitals Train local experts and build human capacity Develop ICT Applications: e-health, e-education, e-government

10 Partner with ITU-D Enjoy branding and visibility opportunities
through successful high-profile partnerships Support your Corporate Social Responsibility and long term market development objectives Leverage your expertise and services to help implement ICT projects in developing countries Work with governments and other industry players towards shared goals for development

11 What benefits? What costs? How to join?
ITU Sector Membership What benefits? What costs? How to join?

12 General Benefits of ITU Membership
ITU’s unique capacity to bring together representatives from competing companies and governments of all ideological persuasions Sharing a wealth of experience and creative ideas Establish partnerships between private and public sectors Access to ITU’s vast range of publications, as well as restricted documentation/information and statistics

13 Membership Categories

14 ITU Sector Member An ITU Sector Member fully participates in the work of corresponding ITU Sector Study Groups, or Working Groups thereof, in the Sector’s Regional and World Telecommunication Conferences, Advisory Group and other relevant workshops, seminars and meetings. An interested entity or organization may join ITU as a Sector Member. There are 3 Sectors: Development (ITU-D) Radiocommunication (ITU-R) Standardization (ITU-T)

15 Who are our Sector Members?
Over 300 ICT companies and organizations participate in the work of the ITU-D Sector

16 ITU-D Sector Members say their motivation for joining the Sector:
ITU-D’s leadership Development projects Sharing experiences and best practices Helping LDC’s develop Human Capital Organization of regional conferences The wish to achieve better telecommunications in the world Corporate Social Responsibility

17 Motivation for being an ITU-D Sector Member
Excellent work done by ITU-D Partnership with ITU Stay in touch with developments & regulatory best practices Access to latest information: trends, statistics and HRD issues Close cooperation with other ITU-D SMs and new opportunities To learn from the experiences and knowledge of other countries Encouragement and promotion of telecom liberalization and technology introduction globally

18 Motivation for being an ITU-D Sector Member
Assist development markets in business and technology issues The relevance of information produced To reduce duplication of efforts To learn from other region experiences Capacity building in new technologies, digital implementation and transition to the digital broadcasting paradigm

19 ITU-D Sector Members Portal
Showcases information on ITU–D Sector Members. Strengthens communication between them and the BDT. Enhances their visibility. Takes advantage of networking opportunities. Offers a useful new tool for consulting data (logo, short profile, website, RSS feed. Filter and navigation tools make it possible to search for information by such parameters as region, country, category, domain. Free of charge.

20 ITU-D Sector Members Portal

21 ITU-D Sector Member Fees
ITU Sector Members may choose their annual contribution in a range from 1/16 to 40 units. The effective amount of the contributory unit is 63’600 Swiss francs. This fixes the minimum annual contribution for an ITU-D Sector Member as follows: CHF 7,950 (1/8 unit) CHF 3,975 (1/16 unit for developing countries only)

22 ITU Associates An interested entity or organization may join an ITU Sector as an Associate and be entitled to take part in the work of a selected single Study Group. Associates may have access to documentation required for their work and may serve as Rapporteur or Editor.

23 Become Associate to 1 ITU-D Study Group
Telecommunication development strategies and policies ITU-D Study Group 2: Development and management of telecommunication services and networks The annual contribution for an ITU-D Associate is: CHF 3, CHF 1, (for developing countries only)

24 Conclusion ITU membership is global and diversified
Sector Members play a key role in ITU dynamics Regional participation is an ITU priority Invaluable opportunities exist to share experiences, creative ideas, knowledge of business opportunities and to seek partnerships ITU Sector membership fees are competitive Fill in the membership application form and submit it to the ITU Secretary General through the telecommunication administration of your country. Join us! Become a new ITU-D Sector Member!

25 Thank You!

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