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Enhanced Collaboration in Europe Region

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1 Enhanced Collaboration in Europe Region
European Regional Initiative on E-Applications, Including E-Health (m-Health) Concept Presentation E-Applications E-Health M-Health Presentation Europe Coordination Unit and ICT Applications Division International Telecommunication Union Jaroslaw PONDER Coordinator for EUROPE

2 European Regional Initiatives
WTDC-10 Resolution 17 (Rev. Hyderabad, 2010) E-accessibility in Central and Eastern Europe (Internet and digital television) for blind people and people with visual impairment problems Digital broadcasting ICT applications, including e-health Standardized Process for Implementation Identification of the challenge at the RPM level WTDC decision on regional initiative Background Material Consultative Meeting Proposal of Project Document Feedback of Membership Implementation of Project

3 ICT Statistics Mobile-cellular subscriptions, 2001-
2011, world and by level of development Global ICT developments, Mobile-broadband prices as a percentage of GNI per capita, 2011, by region and by level of development Active mobile-broadband subscriptions, , world and by level of development

4 M-Health: Emerging Challenges
Technology and Business Regulation and Policy Technical feasibility Standardization Interoperability, scalability Ubiquitous health services Nomad access, mobile voice, data National, regional, international Cloud computing ICT and Healthcare ecosystems User acceptance and demand New models for healthcare Reimbursement models Liability Service providers, network or infrastructure operators, manufacturers Policy makers and regulators: Telecom vs. Health regulation Definition of medical device certification, quality assurance Security and privacy issues Medical confidentiality Data protection and retention AAA: Authorization and authentication, accounting Universal service obligation Ubiquitous healthcare service

5 ITU Europe Regional Initiative on E-applications, including E-health
Focus: Europe Region (43 Countries) Objective: To share best practices in the implementation of e-applications, including e-health. Expected results : Faster and easier storage of, transmission of and access to medical data and health-related information for healthcare providers and professionals, citizens/patients, academics, researchers, policy-makers and others Capacity building and improved delivery of healthcare services, particularly in rural and remote areas Reduction of operational and administrative costs in implementing healthcare services

6 Proposed Way Forward for 2012
Preliminary Desktop Research on e-Health and m-Health in Europe Track One Track Two Technology and Business Concept Paper Legal and Regulatory Issues Elaboration of the Project Document Background Paper and Case Studies Technology and Business and Legal and Regulatory Issues ITU Experts Group Meeting of Regional Initiative for Europe on ICT Applications, in particular e-Health: m-Health: Towards Care, Cure and Prevention (25-26 September, Geneva) Fundraising Partnership Building Increased Participation and Scale up of Activities Workshop Report and Publication Review of the Project Document

7 Phase Two: Towards Concrete Deliverables and Impact
Comprehensive report on m-health with two tracks E-Repository of m-health case studies Regulatory and policy assessment kit Twinning programme for transfer of knowledge Direct assistance to countries European Member States and other Stakeholders

8 Thank you very much for your attention!
Europe Coordination Unit, BDT (EUR) International Telecommunication Union ICT Applications Division, BDT International Telecommunication Union

9 Additional Resources ITU statistical database of ICT indicators per country and region ( Expert aid in drafting and implementing national e-Health projects ( Training opportunities ( Policy and regulatory reports and symposia ( Regional office in Addis Ababa to support Member States in Africa ( eHealth could make a huge contribution to maternal and child health and even immunization; but the message has not been accepted so far. 9

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