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How to Succeed in Math Tips, Ideas & Resources from Ms. K, Kiowa Team.

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1 How to Succeed in Math Tips, Ideas & Resources from Ms. K, Kiowa Team

2 No. 1 – Successful Attitude You have nothing to fear but fear itself! Math can be fun! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Practice makes perfect. No. 2 – A Winning Team An “eager to learn” student. An experienced and helpful teacher! Supportive family and staff! No. 3 – A Productive Plan MATH – “It’s As Easy as 1, 2, 3”

3 Class Instructional Components Review time for homework & practice tests. Digital Textbook used during lessons*. Lessons designed for a variety of learning styles. Note taking encourages involvement. Independent practice with daily homework. Early detection of learning problems and challenges via Quizzes and Practice Tests. Mastery assessment via Mid-Chapter and Chapter Tests. * Students may keep their assigned copy of the textbook at home. A classroom set is available to be used in the classroom.

4 Organized & Consistent Path Each Chapter Consists Of: 1 st Half:  4-5 Lessons (with Homework)  Quiz on 1 st half of chapter  Practice Test on 1 st half of chapter  Mid-Chapter Test on 1 st half of chapter 2 nd Half:  4-5 Lessons (with Homework)  Quiz on 2 nd half of chapter  Practice Test on entire chapter  Chapter Test on entire chapter  Vocabulary Test on entire chapter

5 Homework & Practice Tests. Students complete this work independently; thus, points are given for timely completion. NO CREDIT FOR LATE WORK (EXCEPT BY EXCUSED ABSENCE). Quizzes & Tests. Students complete this work in class and they are graded for accuracy. CREDIT FOR MAKE-UP QUIZZES & TESTS WILL BE GIVEN. (STUDENT NEEDS TO SET UP A TIME TO TAKE THE ASSESSMENT AFTER AN ABSENCE.) PLEASE CHECK GRADE SPEED OFTEN! Class Grading Policy

6 Students and parents are responsible for monitoring progress. Lesson plans are published on my Teacher webpage at: Makeup work must be turned in promptly to receive credit. Progress reports are e-mailed home every 3 weeks. That is too long to wait. Check GradeSpeed at least weekly! Please Check online: Monitoring Progress & Grades =

7 HOMEWORK & STUDY PLANNER IN CLASS Ask questions! Write down: What is due. How to do it. When it is due. Materials. Time estimate. AT LOCKER Take home all the required materials. AT HOME Make it a priority ( plenty of time and quiet space). Prepare a snack or drink so you can avoid stopping. Use additional resources: Study guides, class notes, examples in textbook. Online tutoring, quizzes and help. Parents, family and friends. Other texts or resources from home or library. Review your work for completeness & accuracy. Pack up your completed work and set it where you will not forget it in the morning. Get a good night’s sleep!

8 HOMEWORK TROUBLESHOOTER Start Is your homework done? Were you Absent? You missed a chance to practice.  no Is it complete & neat? yes no yes Will you make it Up? yes no Check the website for make-up work. Did you understand it? yes Did you use other resources? no Use the Homework Planner to improve your approach! Ask questions in class or come to Power Hour. yes Great Work! no Points!

9 STUDENT/PARENT RESOURCES – PART I ONLINE TEXTBOOK = Personal tutor Vocabulary review Extra examples Self-check quizzes Study Our textbook publisher, Glencoe, provides excellent resources for parents and students to use at home to reinforce learning. No userid or special software is required!

10 STUDENT/PARENT RESOURCES – PART II FROM CLASS Textbook Lessons Class Notes Appendices & Glossary Additional problems Selected answers POWER HOUR Extra help can be given during Prime Time if both teachers give permission in advance. OTHER SITES AAA Mathhttp://www.aaamath.com A+ Mathhttp://www.aplusmath.com Drexel Math Math2http://math2.org Math Goodies

11 Parent – Teacher Contact The best way to reach me is e-mail: Click on Teacher Pages and Ms K – 208 on the Mahaffey Middle School website: ~~~~ You can also reach me by phone; simply call our school office during school hours. 270.439.3792 Room 208 ~~~~ Conferences can be scheduled by e-mail or phone call.

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