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Curriculum Night Welcome to Mrs. Rife’s Algebra 1 Math Class.

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1 Curriculum Night Welcome to Mrs. Rife’s Algebra 1 Math Class

2 In the Syllabus and Survival Guide Grading Policy Semester Grade Policy Homework expectations and consequences Review quiz retakes Warm up expectations How to study for tests/quizzes How to find extra help What parents can do to support their child Please read my weekly email!

3 HW Quizzes are now Review Quizzes Encourage studying the first time Problems from lesson/notes, warm ups and similar to homework problems Able to retake one per ½ quarter Grades are averaged Worth 30% of their grade

4 Typical Day Warm up Go over homework Math lesson –Students given a set of explorations –Teacher circulates, working with pairs, offering tips, suggestions, hints –Direct instruction of the skills –Closure – wrap up the learning

5 Big Ideas Algebra 1 Brand new textbook series Quality explorations and practice Amazing online resources for students (effective 8/3) Cornell-style lesson packets CPM to supplement Please look through the resources!

6 Homework Online See Survival Guide for homework expectations and consequences Students will go online to find their homework problems Odd-numbered answers, showing steps to solve Will arrange alternate access to homework problems, if needed – please contact me ASAP!

7 Warm Ups Review of previous grade skills (foundations for algebra 1) AZMerit test review Students should access all available resources to ensure they have mastered all of the skills

8 What students can do if they don’t understand Ask questions Come in for help Look over notes and examples Ask for help at home Call a friend Go online –Support at Big Ideas Math –Links on my website Don’t give up!

9 What else can parents do? Tell your child you believe they can be successful in math with a positive attitude and hard work! Forego the stories of how you struggled with math in high school. Provide transportation if your child needs extra help. Make sure your student attends school and masters the concepts each day!

10 Mrs. Rife’s Supports  Mrs. Rife’s Q and A times  Students can stop in and get help or get their questions answered any time – students need to bring notes, attempts and questions  Not able to provide individual tutoring, but happy to answer homework questions!!!  Weekly e-mails – will recap the current week and give a heads up for next week. Also includes tips and suggestions specific to this week’s content We have many supports in place, but your student has to want to learn and make the effort.

11 Helpful Hints Students should keep all notes, examples, homework assignments, quizzes, etc for the current chapter in their binder! After the chapter test, students can remove all of these from their binder, but need to keep them until the end of the semester! Students will need them for mid-quarter and end- of-quarter exams as well as final exams! –Extra binder –Accordion folder –Box –?

12 Absences Difficult to make up missed lesson and discussion Students are responsible for the learning that was done! Quizzes and Tests made up before school or during conference periods – each test takes one hour, will require multiple days Upon their return, make sure your student works through the packet, using the online textbook. If they still have questions, come in to see me.

13 Calculators! Must have a calculator in class daily! Scientific or Graphing Why invest in a graphing calculator? Target – TI30XIIS $9 (scientific) I’ll continue to watch the sales and send updated info through email blasts

14 In Closing Giving Tree Curriculum Night Handouts Have a specific question? - Send me an e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP!

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