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European forest research - outlook for the future Lars Gädda November 12, 2004 Brussels.

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1 European forest research - outlook for the future Lars Gädda November 12, 2004 Brussels

2 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) INTRODUCTION

3 CREDO OF THE FOREST-BASED SECTOR TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM (DRAFT) Renewable materials for a more sustainable and competitive Europe

4 New business concepts Better fulfillment of customer needs Contribution to the general well-being Reuse, recovery, recycling Balance in forests different uses Sustainable forest management Secured availability of raw material for the forest- based industry World leading suppliers Energy production Successful down-stream industries FTPs contributions to a sustainable society

5 Process schedule

6 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) CEI-Bois1, CEPF2 and CEPI3 have started a project to set up a Technology Platform for forest-based sector. Objectives of the project: –Organise the production of a vision document which includes e.g. common vision for the sector, challenges and strategic goals. –Mobilise key stakeholders to participate in the process. –Organise launching event with the Commission. –Planning the next stage (e.g. for strategic research agenda, organisation, funding etc.) 1 European Confederation of Woodworking Industries 2 Confederation of European Forest Owners 3 Confederation of European Paper Industries

7 FTP project organisation for stage 1 and 2 European industry and forest owners High Level Group Project Advisory committee National support teams Scientific council

8 Renewable raw-materials based economy Key Challenges (draft) Sustainability, recycling and reuse of materials, continuously increasing share of bioenergy content in products Competitiveness of printed media Competitiveness of fibre material based packaging, building construction and furniture Smart applications and innovations

9 Benefits of the Technology Platform Leading global competitiveness Sustainability - a competitive advantage for the forest- based sector More efficient R&D Platform for dialogue influencing the political framework for the sector Support for strategic business planning Improved image of the sector in EU

10 Concrete targets of the FTP Strengthened position as the global technology leader. Increased value in the products through innovation. Reduced capital intensity. More efficient utilisation of raw materials. Improved energy efficiency and increased use of bioenergy. Key contributor to sustainable development.

11 Sector characteristics 40% of the land area in EU-25 is covered by forests, with multifunctional uses. 60 % of European forests are owned by 15 million family forest owners. The net annual increment in European forests is on average 47% higher than the annual fellings. Over the last 10 years European forests have constantly expanded, in average by 500.000 ha / year. The contribution of the European forest-based industry (FB-I) cluster to the added value of the European manufacturing industry is 9 % and it provides 3,5 million jobs.

12 Sector characteristics (ctd.) The FB-I sector is the global technology leader in several areas. The suppliers to the FB-I sector (chemicals, machinery and automation/instrumentation industry) and consultants are likewise global leaders. A variety of downstream industries (e.g. furniture, construction, packaging, printing, hygiene) are essential parts of the FB-I sector. The FB-I sector has considerably reduced its emissions, including CO 2, over the recent years. Recycling of used materials and products is already at a high level in certain parts of the sector (paper).

13 Links to other TPs MANUFUTURE Sustainable Chemistry European Construction Technology platform Plant genomics and biotechnology

14 Synergies & complementarities with the Manufuture Platform Pulp and paper machinery Chemical industry Saw mill and panel production machinery Furniture and woodworking machinery Timber harvesting and other forestry machines and vehicles

15 Thank you!!

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