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9 June 20051 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform CG Beckeman.

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1 9 June 20051 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform CG Beckeman

2 9 June 20052 In 2004, European forest industries and private forest owners with a support of CEI- Bois, CEPF and CEPI started a project to set up a Technology Platform for the forest- based sector. Objectives of the project: Organise the production of a Vision Document, a Strategic Research Agenda and an Implementation Plan Mobilise key stakeholders to participate in the process. Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP)

3 9 June 20053 FTP aims at Meeting the multifunctional demands on forest resources and their sustainable management. Strengthening competitiveness. Strengthening position as the global technology leader. Promoting sustainability - a competitive advantage for the forest-based sector. Carrying out more efficient R&D.

4 9 June 20054 Areas of Forest-Based Sector

5 9 June 20055 National Support Groups Established Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal Slovenia, Spain, Sweden Under establishment Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, UK

6 9 June 20056 Development matrix of Strategic Research Agenda Specialities/ New businesses Strategic Research Agenda Forestry Pulp and paper products Wood products Bioenergy EnergyCompeti- tiveness Consu- mers SocietyEnviron- ment

7 9 June 20057 Platforms for interaction Plants for the Future ( Plant and genomics) Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry (SUSTECH) European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies (MANUFUTURE)

8 9 June 20058 Means of interaction Define and explain the scope of each platform – keep focus. Define border lines to avoid double work. Define synergies. Identify persons who can act as bridge builders – Commission included. Common projects. Have an open and transparent process.

9 9 June 20059 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform Updated information on the FTP’s web-site:

10 9 June 200510 Support slides

11 9 June 200511 High Level Group Project Management Advisory Committee National Support Groups Scientific Council Education & training Plan for funding, structure and coordination Strategic Research Agenda FTP’s Organisation Communication

12 9 June 200512 FTP’s process schedule

13 9 June 200513 FTP Strategic Research Agenda - timetable

14 9 June 200514 The European Forest-Based Sector Vision for 2030 The European forest-based sector plays a key role in a sustainable society. It comprises a competitive, knowledge-based industry that fosters the extended use of renewable forest resources. It strives to ensure its societal contribution in the context of a bio-based, customer-driven and globally competitive European economy.

15 9 June 200515 Key benefits of FTP and SRA Engages all key stakeholders and provides a forum for public-private dialogue and partnership. Facilitates targeted investments in research and development. Mobilizes and focuses existing research and development capabilities, thereby fostering a more efficient approach to innovation. Stimulates coordination of European and national research agendas. Supports the ongoing development of a relevant knowledge base for the sector. Contributes to the overall growth of the EU economy.

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