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12 September 20051 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform CG Beckeman.

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1 12 September 20051 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform CG Beckeman

2 12 September 2005 2 Europe and FTP Global strength – Europe in the lead Political support necessary for FTP success Improved cooperation between EU- countries Coordination with national research agendas Co-funding

3 12 September 2005 3 Budget proposal FP 7 (2007-2013) Cooperation44735 Ideas11942 People 7178 Capacities 7536 Non-nuclear actions of the Joint Research Centre 1824 Total73215 (EUR mio.)

4 12 September 2005 4 ”Cooperation” – nine themes (EUR mio.) Health 8373 Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology 2472 Information and Communication Technologies12756 Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, materials and new Production Technologies 4865 Energy 2951 Environment (including Climate Change) 2552 Transport (including Aeronautics) 5981 Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities 798 Security and Space 3987 Total 44735

5 12 September 2005 5 Growth of Community RTD Budget Normalised to four years duration

6 12 September 2005 6 Funding mechanisms FP7 2007-2013 73 B EUR European Research Council Joint European Technology Initiatives JETI (5-6) TP Evaluation Technology platforms (~ 32) Integrated projects Infrastructures Basic research etc. TP FTP TP National public funding Industry funding EIB, banks Etc.

7 12 September 2005 7 Innovation System Product focus Process focus Focus on understanding Company Research clusters Institutes Tech. Universities Research programmes Universities Research provider SocietyIndustryCompanies Initiative / financing bodies Our movement in the last years For support of product development a close interaction to external research is maintained Industrial production and marketing

8 12 September 2005 8 Vision document (stage 1) Shared Vision Key Challenges Strategic Objectives Strategic Research Agenda, including plan for funding (stage 2) Implementation (stage 3) Key deliverables of a Technology Platform

9 12 September 2005 9 Strategic objectives of the FTP Meeting the multifunctional demands on forest resources and their sustainable management. Enhancing availability and use of forest bio- mass for products and energy. Development of intelligent and efficient manufacturing processes, including reduced energy consumption. Development of innovative products for changing markets and customer needs.

10 12 September 2005 10 Strategic objectives of the FTP Establishing a more efficient innovation system, including a better-structured research community with higher efficiency. Deepening the sector’s scientific basis, including taking advantage of emerging sciences. Establishing education and training schemes that meet high requirements. Improving communication with the public and policy makers.

11 12 September 2005 11 Important for SRA success Time 2005 – 2030 Divided 2005 – 2015 and 2015 – 2030 7 th Frame Program 2007 – 2013 Quality Relevance Focus

12 12 September 2005 12 Platforms for interaction Plants for the Future ( Plant and genomics) Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry (SUSTECH) European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies (MANUFUTURE) Liquid Biofuels

13 12 September 2005 13 Organisation High Level Group Project Management Advisory Committee National Support Groups Scientific Council Education & training Funding, structure and coordination Strategic Research Agenda Communication Implementation

14 12 September 2005 14 FTP’s National Support Groups Established Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Under establishment Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, UK

15 12 September 2005 15 Development of Strategic Research Agenda Specialities/ New businesses Strategic Research Agenda Forestry Pulp and paper products Wood products Bioenergy EnergyCompeti- tiveness Consu- mers SocietyEnviron- ment

16 12 September 2005 16 Development of the SRA NSG Individuals via website June 15 Bottom-up collection of research needs Forestry Pulp and paper Wood products Bioenergy Specialities and new businesses …… 17 + European prioritisation by value chain WGs Sept 15 SRA team Putting together the SRA Nov 9–10 WHAT? WHO? WHEN? RESULTInputsR&D theme proposals Structure Strategic objectives R&D themes SRA Dec 1 Project management team Finalising SRA

17 12 September 2005 17 SRA contributors 1)Lennart Eriksson+6 (SRA team) 2)SRA team + ICs+ITTF 3)VCWG leaders + members 4)Project management SRA Working organisation SRA Project organisation LE+6 1) 2) Comm. G WP WG Forestry WG Bioenergy WG Spec./NB WG P&P WG ICs 3) VCWG members

18 12 September 2005 18 Development of the SRA – Detailed timetable Sept 13 Letter to NSGs Week 41 First Draft SRA Sept 29 VCWG leaders + secr. +ICs+IT+PM Oct 14 AC Oct 13 SC Nov 9 HLG Nov 9-10 R&D Forum Draft SRA Dec 1 Final SRA

19 12 September 2005 19 FTP and climate change

20 12 September 2005 20 Forest-based business ICT – applications A 1 m resolution picture is created using satellite picture and GPS Forest management with GPS for sustainability and diversified supply networks

21 12 September 2005 21 Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform SRA will be publicly presented on 9-10 November 2005 in the European Forest-based Sector Research Forum

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