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No Life without Second Wife? Laptop (+ Access + e) Is the term better half still working?

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1 No Life without Second Wife? Laptop (+ Access + e) Is the term better half still working?

2 Access eCommerce Security Dr. Alamgir Hossain eLINK Project Co-ordinator Department of Computing University of Bradford UK

3 6---------11 Access Digital World without Access is similar to football match without Football Living Costs at Britain is very high but -- 8MB Broadband + Unlimited landline call 20 Countries = £5 per month Bangladesh 8MB broadband only = 200000TK min = £2000 per month (source: IT Sheraton Hotel) Plan – 5 Years ?

4 What will improve? 1.Reduce Costs (Product, Travelling, Living ….) 2.Reduce Traffic 3.Enhance Competition 4.Enhance Education /Research 5.Improve Quality of Life – carbon emission, paper, life Style 6.Remote accessibility – from rural area - ehealth 7. Virtual meeting, chatting, education ….

5 Ecommerce 1.My Experience TV: Store price £2700 VS Internet Price £1699 + Free delivery ----(2004) Laptop Store Price £445 VS Internet Price £289 + free delivery ---(2008) Airlines Tickets UK-Dhaka-Singapore (return) KeyTravel (University Agent): Price offered £1550 - £1860 ----(2008) Internet Price: £1056 2. How to Compare Prices?;;;

6 1.Low costs Access 2.Free Lunch programme 3.Good Governance - Tender Submission 4.eHealth Programme - Rural population (75%) 5.Free Website Hosting for Exporters Tourism, Garments, Fish, Tea, Human Resources 6.Virtual Resource for Education and Research ( Short Term Plan should include Can we do at least this one next 5 years?

7 1.Modelling – Car, Architectural, Fashion Design …. etc. 2.Simulation – Medicine, Chemical, Design Testing….etc 3.Visualisation – eLearning, graphical presentation of real-world 4.Animation & Games – party games,…… 5.Third Party – Brokers role ( 6.Online Help Service (foreign companies) 7.Skype, MSN – meeting, chatting…etc 8.Innovate Business Idea – through Free Lunch Programme Long Term Vision & Scopes

8 E-commerce volume is expected to rise more than 17% in 2008 and over 70% in the next five years. (IBM-sponsored Retail Systems Research study- April 2008). Europeans banking through Internet: 54 millions in 2002, 103 millions in 2007 (Source: Jupiter Research ) US Online buying will reach US$15 trillion 2010 (Forrester Research) In the UK, sales are up 36% on 2008 and generating over 4 billion pounds per month (Forrester Research) Online shopping sales in the UK hit a new high last year, hitting the £4bn per month mark in July for the first time and over a 12 month period online sales were up a massive 36% (Brand Republic). Overall online shopping trends - Over 875 Million Consumers Have Shopped Online - the Number of Internet Shoppers Up 40% in Two Years. Among Internet users, the highest percentage shopping online is found in: South Korea (99%), UK (97%), Germany (97%), Japan (97%), US (94%) The most popular and purchased items are: Books (41%), clothing/Accessories/Shoes (36%), Videos / DVDs / Games (24%), Airline Tickets (24%), Electronic Equipment (23%) The bulk of e-commerce is conducted as business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. According to the U.S. Census Bureau E-Stats report, B2B e-commerce totaled $2,716 billion representing 93% of online sales in 2007. Most of the remaining 7% was in the form of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. In 2007, B2C e-tail (electronic retail) sales totaled $107 billion dollars. In 2008, B2C e-tail sales totaled just over $127.7 billion or 3.2% of total retail sales. eCommerce Statistics

9 Security Security breaches cost US$1 trillion last year (2008), according to a McAfee survey What are the advantages the attacker takes out of that? 1.To gain money by stealing sensitive information of credit cards and bank accounts 2.Revenge is another reason; because of bad behave against employees or unfair layoff, hackers try to hack in order to damage systems or stop services 3.Some hackers take it as fun and challenging to themselves 4.Hacking could be used for monitoring suspicious people.

10 Possible Attacks Social Engineering – Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Shoulder Surfing, Social Relationship etc. Beware – regarding new relationship ? Do not give your password anyone – even …..except God Traditional other attacks: Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, Rootkit, Key Loggers, Packet Sniffer, Vulnerability scanner, Spoofing attack

11 Qurbanir Gurur Hat – ? Cattle market for 3-5 days before biggest festival Volume: 400000-500000 X 40000 TK (average price) = ???? Qurbanir Gurur Hat – ?Qurbanir Gurur Hat For children – could be



14 Thank You For slides and further details: For Virtual Resource and Research:

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