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The Internet and Fashion Monika Miglani Managing E-commerce ISS 392-602 Spring Qtr June 6, 2000.

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1 The Internet and Fashion Monika Miglani Managing E-commerce ISS 392-602 Spring Qtr June 6, 2000

2 Table of Contents The Move On LineThe Move On Line Customer ServiceCustomer Service Fashion TechnologyFashion Technology AdvantagesAdvantages DisadvantagesDisadvantages ConclusionConclusion

3 The Move On Line Mail order shops –First on the Web –Known as automated catalogues –Easier to sell to customers because they were already purchasing items through catalogues

4 The Move On Line (cont.) Sales in 1998-1999 were $330 million –projected to soar to $2.8 billion in 2002 10% of adult Web users have shopped on line in the last year 4.6% have purchased –a 200% increase over previous 6 months

5 The Move On Line (cont.) Yves Saint Laurent –First French Designer to open a Pret-A-Porter Boutique –Allows Saint Laurent to make his creations accessible to everyone

6 Service Still competing on service not price –e-fashion entrepreneurs counting on cyberservice to attract customers custom fees free shipping and handling guaranteed delivery within 4 days charge-free returns and return shipping labels included in packages

7 Fashion Technology Virtual Shopping Experience –Pushing the boundaries of on line technology and service to improve the experience of buying clothes –3-D computer generated shopping malls –Eye catching web designs Photo-realistic simulations Fashion Trip CD-ROM –digital furniture ModaCAD software –digital mannequins

8 Fashion Technology (cont.) 3-D Virtual Reality –UUNet software 3-D model stands on a mechanical turntable, rotating slowly as the image is digitally recorded from all sides and the image appears on the screen easily uploaded to a Web site or E-mail able to spin the image of the model 360 degrees by dragging the cursor ability to see what the clothes worn on the model look like at any angle

9 Fashion Technology (cont.) Virtual Catwalks –Still Photos see images of models frame by frame of any designer –Online Fashion Shows Victorias Secret –watched by over 2 million viewers –Increases the number of hits and traffic to a site

10 Advantages Allows fashions to be broadly distributed for the fist time –Reaching more people globally Cuts Costs –less money to spend on stores and personnel –less stock needed on hand Strengthens brand image

11 Disadvantages Loss of personalization Inability to try on clothes despite new technology Security –people afraid to buy online What to put on line –prior knowledge of what will sell and what wont

12 Conclusion Online Fashion is a growing market –with the implementation of different cutting edge technology, more retailers and designers are putting their products on line –the internet will reinforce the presence of fashion in e- commerce and help companies and designers reinforce brand presence in general

13 Bibliography Designers Climb onto Virtual Catwalk Business Week, 10/11/99 issue 3650 Victorias Secret Show Less Glitchy Associated Press On Line, 5/18/00 Technology Los Angeles Times, 5/19/00 The E-commerce Cometh Adweek, 9/21/98 vol 48, issue 38 Fashion Industry Goes Global, Thanks to Local Firm San Diego Business Journal, 9/23/96 vol 17, issue39 Seventh Avenue Meets The Web Netguide, March 1997 vol 4 issue 3 Victorias Secret Internet Broadcast Attracts More Than Two Million Viewers Washington Times, 5/19/00 West Shore PA-Based Video Firm Finds Market for 3-D Software System The Patriot News, 3/24/00

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