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Be a Successful Zone Chairperson 1 1 Bud Wahl Past International Director 2003 - 2005 J. Carl Young Past International Director 2009-2011 Jama Wahl GLT.

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1 Be a Successful Zone Chairperson 1 1 Bud Wahl Past International Director 2003 - 2005 J. Carl Young Past International Director 2009-2011 Jama Wahl GLT Area 1 - C Leader 2014-2017 Presented by

2 Objectives for Today! Understand Your Role & Duties Learn of tools available to support your success Utilize your district cabinet resources to support the clubs Create your plan to communicate and support your clubs Explore new tools you can use to support your clubs Share Best Practices with your fellow zone chairpersons 2 2

3 You are an important part of the district cabinet 3 Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Further the purposes of the Association Chair the District Governor’s Advisory Committee Support membership development in your clubs Identify and develop club leadership

4 The Zone Chairperson is the Link 4 Between the district and the clubs

5 It’s Time to GET PREPARED! Get yourself organized Plan your calendar for the year Get familiar with tools available to you The Zone and Region webpage MyLCI The Club Health Assessment Report Prepare for your District Governor Advisory Committee meetings with the clubs Bring in expert resources from the district cabinet – The District Governor Team, GLT and GMT coordinators 5 5

6 Assess your clubs’ health every month! 6

7 Tools - Zone and Region Chairperson Resource Center 7 7

8 The Zone & Region Chairperson Manuals 8 Roles and Responsibilities Working with the district governor team, district cabinet and GMT/GLT coordinators Working and communicating with the clubs Structure of International Headquarters

9 Access Club Information Using MyLCI 9 9

10 10 Helpful Tools for Club Development Certified Guiding Lion

11 Club 1 Club President Club Secretary Club 2 Club President Club Secretary Club 3 Club President Club Secretary Club 4 Club President Club Secretary You Provide Two-way Communication DGGMTGLT 11 Cabinet Meetings District Governor Advisory Committee Meetings

12 District Governor Advisory Committee 12 Host three zone meetings Agendas in the new Model District Governor Advisory Meeting Schedule meetings soon after the cabinet meetings Ask someone to keep the minutes Offer a different venue for each meeting Invite a speaker on the subject you wish to promote Image courtesy of David Dominici at

13 Model District Governor Advisory Committee Meetings 13 Tips for successful meetings Model meeting formats which focus on Service Membership Leadership Recognition Sample administrative tools for the meetings

14 Focus on Service – Engage your District Cabinet 14 International, multiple district and district programs International President’s programs District-wide service projects and programs Club Service Project Idea Exchange Ways to identify new service projects Community Needs Assessments Tools to guide club planning and management Encourage club participation in conventions

15 Focus on Membership - Engage the GMT 15 Promote membership resources to clubs Club Quality Initiatives Support and guide club membership chairpersons Find communities for potential new clubs Implement a membership growth plan for clubs Communicate club membership needs to district GMT members

16 Focus on Leadership - Engage the GLT 16 Nurture future club leaders Promote development and further leadership opportunities Encourage club leaders to fully engage in responsibilities Participate in club officer training events Communicate club leadership development needs to District GLT members

17 17 Report results of District Governor Advisory Committee Meeting Complete report following each zone meeting Report any concerns or issues the clubs wish to communicate to the district Interesting Service Projects being initiated by your clubs (Service Activities) Concerns you have about your clubs Recommendations you want the cabinet to consider

18 Be your clubs’ best friend! – Visit your clubs Promote the district convention to the clubs and encourage full representation of each club at the district convention 18 Visit once per year to support the club and share district information Prepare and be knowledgeable about the club and its projects Take a membership induction ceremony with you and an invocation Be prepared to answer questions about Lionism including fees and dues, etc. Ensure that every club operates under a duly adopted constitution and by- laws

19 Celebrate Club Achievements 19 Service Membership Growth Leadership Development Club Promotion Make it a Winning Tradition The Roadmap to Success

20 Zone and Region Chairperson Awards 20 Each chairperson must be recorded via MyLCI by the district governor Two semi-annual periods to qualify Requirements for each period are unique Requires application signed by district governor Those who qualify both periods also receive the International Leadership Award 20

21 One Great Adventure The Role of the Zone Chairperson LCI Leadership Development Webinars An engaging way to understand what it takes to excel in this vital Lions position. Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 12:00pm (12 Noon) CDT Friday, July 24, 2015, 7:00pm (19:00) CDT 21

22 Discussion Time 22

23 Discussion Question #1 23 The president of a club is very controlling. He/she does not welcome new ideas from members. Some members have transferred to another club because of the president’s actions and attitude. Members requested a meeting with the president to discuss their concerns about the recent club officer election, but he did not respond. The members contacted you as zone chairperson for guidance on its election and maintaining the club. What advice and guidance can you give the club? 23

24 Discussion Question #2 A club has a potential problem regarding the election of officers for the following year. A number of members on the board do not want the second vice president to be first vice president the following year. How can a zone chairperson assist the club in ensuring a fair and credible process and election and maintain harmony within the club? 24

25 Discussion Question #3 25 It has been a practice in the zone for clubs to procrastinate regarding membership and activity reporting. What actions will you take to ensure that both activities are being reported? What can you do as zone chairperson to ensure the clubs in your zone earn the Club Excellence Award? 25

26 Discussion Question #4 A two-year old Lions club has a club roster that shows 50 members, but only 15 are active dues-paying members. The others are non-active and have not paid dues. It is July and the club treasurer has just received the club’s per-capita billing. What advice and guidance can you give to the club officers that could help correct its financial situation? 26

27 Discussion Question #5 A new zone chairperson is beginning to plan the upcoming year’s zone meetings. He is informed that during the last fiscal year, none of his assigned zone clubs attended the last zone meeting of the year. How can he/she best plan and what tools should he/she use to ensure that each club attends the zone meetings and prepares to actively engage and participate in the meetings? Who can he consult with to prepare for his zone meetings? 27

28 Thank you for your Leadership and Service! 28

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