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Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe

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1 Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
Werner Bosmans European Commission – DG environment

2 Growing Resource Use Our steeply growing material use is a consequence of the increasing growth of world GDP Source: EEA 2010 derived from SERI GLOBAL 2000, Friends of the Earth Europe (2009) 2

3 In recent history, prices of commodities were declining (already starting from around late 19the century), however since about years we see a continuous price increase. Other evidence indicates that this would continue. Resource efficiency is not just for the environment, it is really important for businesses.

4 Resource Efficiency: Doing more with less
Sustainable management and use of resources throughout their life cycle Producing more value while living, producing and consuming within the physical and biological limits of the planet Raw materials: minerals-fuels-biomass ecosystems–biodiversity – water –land and soils – air – marine resources

5 A new Europe 2020 strategy The course for the EU's economy for the next 10 years and beyond Road to « smart, sustainable and inclusive growth » Environmental considerations integrated into economic policy 7 Flagship initiatives, incl. “Resource Efficient Europe” (Communication of January 2011)

6 The Roadmap Communication
Adopted on 20 September 2011 “A fundamental transformation within a generation” Long term 2050 vision for a resource efficient Europe and milestones for 2020 (short-termism) Policy changes to tackle resource inefficiencies Proposes immediate actions to start the process Sets a framework for future actions

7 Transforming the economy
Address bottlenecks and barriers to resource efficiency Get the prices right (reflect environm. externalities) Tackling inefficient subsidies Shifting from labour to resource taxation Stimulate innovative forward thinking Boost resource efficiency in production, consumption and waste management

8 Tackling key resources and sectors
Ecosystem services Biodiversity Minerals and metals Water Air Land and soils Marine resources Food Housing / buildings Mobility Interactions

9 Governance and Monitoring
Implement at all levels – EU, Member States, regions, internationally (RIO+20) … Concerted action with business, scientists and society Engage with stakeholders to set targets and use appropriate indicators by Using initially “resource productivity” together with land, water and carbon indicators Address implementation gaps


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