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EU biodiversity policy

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1 EU biodiversity policy
European Commission DG Environment Unit B2 Nature & Biodiversity EU biodiversity policy

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Biodiversity: why does it matter? Current EU biodiversity policy: the 2010 target Towards a post-2010 biodiversity policy for the EU 2

3 Part 1: Biodiversity – Why does it matter?

4 Why conserve biodiversity?
A moral duty: to conserve the sheer variety of life on earth An environmental asset: healthy ecosystems play a vital role in regulating the environment – eg a major tool for climate change adaptation An economic imperative: ecosystem goods and services provide a whole range of direct and indirect economic benefits Our life support system

5 Ecosystem goods & services
are important for Provision of goods – food, fibre, fuel, medicines Regulation of the air we breathe and quality of our waters Soil fertility, pollination and other essential support services Cultural benefits – from aesthetic enjoyment to spiritual solace TEEB Report 2008: « The annual welfare loss generated by loss of ecosystems services will amount to 6% of the global GDP by 2050 »

6 Loss of biodiversity in the EU
Europe has suffered more human-induced fragmentation than any other continent (MEA, 2001) 50% of wetlands and high-nature-value farmland gone 40% of all European bird species have unfavourable conservation status EU Health Check 2009 « 50% of species and up to 80% of habitats of European conservation interest have unfavourable conservation status »

7 What do Europeans think of Biodiversity
They are familiar with the term “biodiversity” They consider its loss a serious problem They believe they are not affected yet They suggest measures to be taken They make personal efforts (yet many don’t know what to do) They do not know “Natura 2000”

8 Part 2: Current EU biodiversity policy - the 2010 target

9 EU biodiversity policy development
2001 European Council agrees to halt the loss of Biodiversity by 2010 Biodiversity included in SDS and 6th EAP as priority 2006 EC Commu-nication and Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) 2008 Mid-term review of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) 2009 Health Check for Habitats and Species (only 17% are in ‘favourable condition’) 2010 15 March: Post-2010 vision and target adopted Endorsed by EU heads of state on 26 March EC contracting party to Convention on Biological Diversity (since 1993) 9

10 2006 EU Biodiversity Action Plan
Covers relevant sectors and horizontal policy areas in a unified way Provides a joint approach by identifying what needs to be done at Community level and at MS level 4 Policy areas 10 Key Objectives 46 Targets 150 Priority actions

11 2006 EU Biodiversity Action Plan
+ Supporting measures Ensuring adequate financing, Strengthening EU decision making, Building partnerships, Building public education, awareness and participation Monitoring evaluation and review

12 Monitoring Progress European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators

13 BAP mid-term assessment
Key findings (Dec 08): Despite some progress it is highly unlikely - based on current efforts – to achieve 2010 target Significant additional commitment needed to come close to target At global level a significant reduction in the rate of loss of biodiversity is not being achieved

14 Part 3: Towards a post-2010 biodiversity policy for the EU

15 January 2010 Communication
Aim: establish the level of ambition to underpin the EU post-2010 biodiversity policy Maintain political momentum Inform policy development Trends Implications Achievements and shortcomings Options for a 2020 target 15 15

16 Post 2010 Biodiversity Policy - 2050 Vision -
Biodiversity and ecosystem services – our natural capital – are preserved, valued and, insofar as possible, restored for their intrinsic value and to continue to support economic prosperity and human well-being, and to avert catastrophic changes linked to biodiversity loss.

17 Options for a 2020 headline target
1. Significantly reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020 2. Halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020 3. Halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020 and restore them insofar as possible 4. Halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020 and restore them insofar as possible, and step up the EU's contribution to averting global biodiversity loss OPTION RETAINED BY THE ENV COUNCIL AND ENDORSED BY THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL (March 2010) 17

18 Next steps Develop a fully-fledged strategy for biodiversity and ecosystem services by end 2010 Internet stakeholder consultation will be open during the summer: views welcome! Seek to reach agreement at international level on an ambitious new global vision and targets at the 10th Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Japan this October.

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