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Ⓒ Olof S. Leader as part of “community-led local development” under the CSF; networking aspects.

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1 Ⓒ Olof S. Leader as part of “community-led local development” under the CSF; networking aspects

2 2 Community-led local development (CLLD) under the CSF Europe 2020 strategy: Territorial development on sub-regional level as a cross-cutting issue for inclusive growth Legal proposals for CSF Funds 2014-2020: offer a common approach to support community-led local development (single set of rules Art. 28-31 CSF Reg), complemented by funds-specific features. This  allows the integrated use of all CSF Funds on sub-regional level for implementing local development strategies (LDS)  reinforces multi-level governance Under the EAFRD, Leader is compulsory with a minimum of 5% of the EAFRD funding per programme. No ring-fencing for community- led local development in the other Funds.

3 3 Priorities and Consistency for CLLD Local development carried out by the CSF Funds shall be carried out under one or more priorities of the programme (Art. 28.5 CSF) –EAFRD: MS are free to decide under which priority(ies) they implement Leader; however, the 6th priority directly addresses local development in rural areas –ERDF/ESF:all actions under CLLD can be financed under the thematic objective no 9: promoting social inclusion and combating poverty (for the ESF with a dedicated investment priority); EMFF: specific objectives for CLLD Consistency and coordination of the support to CLLD between the CSF Funds to be ensured at all stages (Art. 28.2 CSF) –Capacity building to build partnerships and design LDS –Selection and approval of the LDSs (incl. setting up a joint selection committee in case of multi-funding) –Funding of the implementation of the LDSs  Need to define implementing arrangements for CLLD in the Partnership Contract

4 4 Strategic choices of MS Multi-funded or mono-funded CLLD If multi-funded CLLDs are possible, LAGs have the option to develop multi-fund LDS Types of territories to be covered with CLLDs (rural, coastal, urban or combined) Forms of preparatory support to be used before selection of LDS (EAFRD: Leader start-up kit?) Design of CLLD implementation system (tasks of LAGs, use of intermediate bodies: Art. 73.2 EAFRD)

5 5 Selection/approval process of multi-funded LDS MS shall define citeria for the selection of LDSs. Fund-specific rules may set out selection criteria.  EAFRD Reg. is not setting out selection criteria (Art. 29.2) Managing authorities have to set up the selection committee (joint committee in case of multi-funding) Art. 29.3 LDS should be approved by the end of 2015 (Art. 29.4) The decision of approval for a LDS by the managing authority should (Art. 29.5) –set out the allocations of each CSF Fund, –set out the roles of the authorities responsible for the implementation of the relevant programmes for all implementation tasks relating to the strategy In case of multi-funded LDS MS can designate a Lead Fund to cover all management costs (Art. 28.3+4)

6 6 Networking instruments for Leader On the level of the Member State: National Rural Network –Support of the LAGs for monitoring and evaluation of their local development strategies (Art. 55.3 (b) (iii) EAFRD Reg) –Provision of training activities for programme implementing bodies and local action groups in the process of formation (Art. 55.3 (b) (iv) EAFRD Reg) –Networking activities for LAGs and in particular technical assistance for inter-territorial and transnational cooperation, facilitation of cooperation among LAGs (Art. 55.3 (b) (vii) EAFRD Reg)

7 7 Networking instruments for Leader On EU level: European Network for Rural Development –Support national networks (Art. 52.3 (f) EAFRD) –Support transnational cooperation initiatives (Art. 52.3 (f) EAFRD) (  not only for Leader) –Specifically for LAGs (Art. 52.3 (g) EAFRD): Create synergies with the activities carried out on national and regional level by the respective networks with regard to capacity building actions and exchange of experience; and cooperate with the networking and technical support bodies for local development set up by the ERDF, the ESF and the EMFF as regards their local development activities and transnational cooperation

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