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Martin Jones Aberystwyth University & The Governance of Resilience and the Resilience of Governance.

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1 Martin Jones Aberystwyth University & WISERD@Aber The Governance of Resilience and the Resilience of Governance

2 Thinking about Space Dimension of socio-spatiality Principle of socio-spatial relations Associated patterning of socio-spatial relations TERRITORY Bordering, bounding, parcelization, enclosure Construction of inside / outside divides, Constitutive role of the outside PLACE Proximity, spatial embedding, areal differentiation Construction of spatial divisions of labor; differentiation of social relations horizontally among core vs. peripheral places SCALE Hierarchization, vertical differentiation Construction of scalar divisions of labor; dif- ferentiation of social relations vertically among dominant, nodal & marginal scales NETWORKS Interconnectivity, interdep- endence, transversal or rhizomatic differentiation Building networks of nodal connectivity; differentiation of social relations among nodal points within topological networks

3 Trends Territory – Growing disjuncture between fixed national territory and international/global scale of capital Place – Destabilizing effects of increasing uneven spatial development / political-economic crisis Scale – Increasing significance of sub- and supra-national scales of political-economic organization Network – New types of networks proliferate that are neither co- extensive nor isomorphic with national territory

4 Dilemmas There is no new spatial fix -- for there is no territorial fix, scalar fix, place-based fix, or network fix Continued regulatory experimentation involves continued reorganization of territory, scale, place and networks There is proliferation of strategies that either (a) try to make one dimension of state space the predominant one or (b) try to suture two or more dimensions into a new frame-work for organizing political life -- but these have so far failed The policy is often criticised for its complex delivery system. There is a lot of room for further improvement (Dirk Ahner, DG Regio, 12/11/10)

5 One Dimensional Traps TERRITORYPLACESCALENETWORKS TERRITORY Methodological Territorialism PLACE Place-centrism SCALE Scale- Centrism NETWORKS Network- centrism

6 TERRITORYPLACESCALENETWORKS TERRITORY Past, present, and emergent frontiers, borders, boundaries Distinct places in a given territory Multi-level governance Inter-state system, state alliances, multi- area government PLACE Core-periphery, borderlands, empires, neo-medievalism Locales, milieux, cities, sites, regions Localities, globalities Division of labour linked to differently scaled places Local/urban governance, partnerships SCALE Scalar division of political power (unitary state, federal state, etc) Scale as area rather than level (local through to global), spatial division of labour (Russian doll) Vertical ontology based on nested or tangled hierarchies. Parallel power networks, non- governmental international regimes NETWORKS Origin-edge, ripple effects (radiation) Stretching/folding Cross-border region, inter-state system Global city networks, poly- nucleated cities, intermeshed sites Flat ontology based on horizontality with multiple entrypoints. Networks of networks, space of flows, rhizome

7 Ways Forward From multilevel governance to multispatial metagovernance The coordination of coordination Who participates? Who benefits? Our system of multilevel governance should help to mobilise local and regional actors, who have a key role to play (Dirk Ahner, DG Regio, 12/11/10)

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