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1 Joanna Basztura Brussels, Leonardo da Vinci Programme/Lifelong Learning Programme and Tourism Open Days European Weak of Regions and Cities

2 2 Plan of the presentation Structure of the Life Long Learning Programme/ Leonardo da Vinci Programme/ budget Rules of participation Types of projects Priorities for Transfer of Innovation and Development of Innovation projects Examples of Leonardo projects in the area of tourism

3 3 The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)/ Total Budget in millions of euro Life Long Learning Action Programme Comenius School education 1,047 M Erasmus Higher education & advanced training 3,114 M Leonardo da Vinci Initial and continuing Vocational Education and Training ET 1,725 M Grundtvig Adult education 358 M Transversal programme 4 key activities – Policy development; Language learning; ICT; Dissemination 369 M Jean Monnet programme 3 key activities – Jean Monnet Action; European Institutions; European Associations 170 M

4 4 Rules of participation 27 EU member States 3 EEA countries IS, LI, NO Candidate countries: TR (Croatia preparing participation) Switzerland (after signature of bilateral agreement -?) Countries of Western Balkan (on condition of separate framework agreements with EU – Macedonia – negotiations in progress)

5 5 Rules of participation Calls for proposals published by the European Commission each year (next call: beginning of October 2008) National Agencies in each country/Executive Agecncy organise information days, provide information, support, etc. Potential applicants submit proposals to the Calls for proposals depending on the type of the project either: - to the National Agency in their country, or - to the Executice Agency in Brussels -External experts evaluate proposals Contracts are signed, realisation of the project

6 6 Types of projects – Project selection managed by National Agencies Mobility (people in initial vocational training, people in the labour market, unemployed, teachers and trainers, human resources managers going for a training placement abroad) Partnerships (Cooperation on themes of mutual interest in VET, e.g creation of a new teaching prorgramme) Preparation visit (Preparation of future projects (for all project types in LdV) Transfer of innovation (One or more solution(s) in the area of Lifelong Learning that is (are) already implemented in one or more countries and needs to be adapted for implementation in some other countries, sectors, target groups)

7 7 Types of projects - Project selection managed by the Executive Agency Development of innovation (Develop a brand new solution to help several countries to cope with a common challenge in the area of VET which is not yet addressed) Thematic networks (Projects under this action should assist cooperation between VET actors, enterprises, economic sectors, social partners and training organisations on a sectoral basis) Accompanying measures (Accompanying measures will support, in relation to the Leonardo da Vinci programme, communication activities, and events for the dissemination and exploitation of results)

8 8 Leonardo da Vinci Priorities for Transfer of Innovation and Development of Innovation projects Priority 1: Developing the skills and competences of VET teachers, trainers and tutors Priority 2: Developing the quality and attractiveness of VET systems and practices Priority 3: Transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications Priority 4: Skills development of adults in the labour market Priority 5: Raising competence levels of groups at risk Priority 6: Developing the learning environment

9 9 Development of innovation Thematic Networks Transfer of innovation DurationMax. 2 yearsMax. 3 years1-2 years Minimal partnerships 3 partners / 3 countries 5 partners / 5 countries 3 partners / 3 countries Co-financing by EU 75 % Level of funding (max per year) Selection procedure Commission National Agency Management of projects Commission, by the Executive Agency National Agency

10 10 Title: Holistic Application to effectively train touristic services staff is accessibility issues Description: The happy tourist project wants to contribute to a significant improvement of the qualifications of all workforce target groups involved in the tourism sector by improving their knowledge and skills in providing services to people with special needs Contract number : EL/05/B/F/PP Contracting organisation : CVT SBIE CENTRE OF VOCATIONAL TRAININ, Greece Contact person : M. Gavriil Iordanoglou Project Examples - HAPPY TOURIST

11 11 Title: Training of Trainers and Development of Teaching Materials for Sports Instructors for the Disabled - Sports for Disabled Description : The Sports for Disabled project aims to meet an identified need for qualified sports instructors, at vocational training level, able to support and assist disabled persons in sports. Contract number: E/04/B/F/PP Contracting organisation: EXCMO AYUNTAMIENTO DE ZAMORA, Spain Contact person : M. Antonio Vázquez Jiménez Project Examples – Sports for disabled

12 12 Title: TOUREAST - Training Of Unemployment Middle Age Women For Employability In Tourism Sector Description : The project will build e-learning contents for improving the communication, negotiation, presentation skills and competences of unemployed middle aged women to enable them to get employed in the tourism sector, by facilitation of access to training and creating a network Contract number : TR/06/B/F/PP Contracting organisation GAZI ÜNIVERSITESI, Turkey Contact person : Gulen Elmas Arslan, Project Examples - TOUREAST

13 13 Title : TAN –Tourism Awareness Network Description : This project addresses the need for greater understanding of the needs of people with disabilities in the tourism market. The market for this group of people offers both a challenge and an opportunity. Contract number : UK/00/B/F/NT Contracting organisation : MILTON KEYNES COLLEGE, United Kingdom Contact person : Robert Morrall Project Examples - TAN

14 14 Title : EDYCATE - Empowering Disadvantaged Young adults for traditional Craft Activities and agroTourism through work-based E-learning Description : The EDYCATE project aims to build upon the motivation of young unemployed adults through the development of a participatory approach to learning (learning by doing). Contract number : SI/02/B/F/PP Project Examples - EDYCATE

15 15 Title: EUROHOSTEL - Definition of Professional Profiles and Curricula Development at European Level within the Catering and Tourism sector Contract number : E/03/B/F/PP Description: The project aims at updating and redefining professional profiles in the Catering and Tourism sectors in order to adapt these profiles to current market demand and to European requirements and will develop new training curricula to allow the identified sectors to increase their competitiveness. Project Examples - EUROHOSTEL

16 16 Title : CAST - Competences and Skills in Tourism Contract number : E/03/B/F/PP-149 Description : The CAST project aims at the redefinition of basic skills, the updating of qualifications and expertise and the definition of new professional profiles meeting the demands of an increasingly globalised tourist industry. Contracting organisation: BDF - BALEAR DE DESARROLLO Y FORMACIÓN SL, Spain; Contact person : Mrs Alexandra Pavlovic, Project Examples -CAST

17 17 Title : Active Tourism - A New Professional Profile Contract number : P/03/B/F/PP Description : The ACTIVE TOURISM project aims at increasing competitiveness and harmonising the quality and reliability of companies within the tourism sector with a particular focus upon rural and cultural tourism. The project will develop and introduce an innovative professional profile able to increase individual skills levels and reinforce apprenticeship training within the tourism sector. Contracting organisation : CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE MIRANDA DO DOURO, Portugal Contact person : Mr Manuel Rodrigo Martins Project Examples - Active Tourism

18 18 Title : SECTOUR – Safety and Security in tourism - innovation in educational programs and business practice Description : The project intends to reduce risk of the safety problems in tourism sector through the development of innovation in tourism education (including further education and adult education). Contract number : LV/05/B/F/PP Contracting organisation: LATVIJAS KULTURAS KOLEDZA Latvia Contact person : Mrs Gita Senka Project Examples -SECTOUR

19 19 Title : Developing and introducing new training approach in tourism sector – tourism for all with DIADAs trained consultants Description : The project aims at developing an e-learning tool bringing together disabled persons and the tourist sector. Contract number : PL/05/B/F/PP Partner organisations : ASM CENTRUM BADAN I ANALIZ, Poland, Tel : Project Examples - tourism for all

20 20 Title : MTW - Making Tourism Work: An Initiative for the Health and Wellness Tourism Sector Description : The main aim of the project is to develop an innovative, internationally competitive training curriculum, which would be used both to obtain professional qualification and to upgrade the already existing knowledge of people working in that field. Another objective is to establish a coherent and transparent system of qualifications all over Europe for this specific field of tourism Contract number : HU/06/B/F/PP Contracting organisation : VESZPRÉMI EGYETEM, Hungary; Contact person: Formádi Katalin Project Examples - Making Tourism Work

21 21 Useful addresses/assistance: European Commission, DG EAC List of National Agencies in each country: Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency Avenue du Bourget 1 BOUR BE-1140 Brussels, Belgium (Postal address) Website: Projects databases: _en.cfm _en.cfm

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