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Technology transfer and innovation

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1 Technology transfer and innovation
in the Euro Mediterranean Cooperation through Enterprise Europe Network Antonios FYSEKIDIS Directorate E:  Promotion of SMEs' competitiveness Unit ENTR/E2 :Business cooperation & Support Network Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean Industrial Cooperation Bruxelles, November 2011

2 The Network in the Euro-Mediterranean
Full coverage in EU 27 From the EUROMED countries: ISRAEL (CIP Participating country) TURKEY (CIP Participating country) EGYPT SYRIA TUNISIA (Joined in 2011) MOROCCO (proposal submitted – a new finalised working programme is expected) Cooperation on an unfunded basis under CIP article 21.5 Hosted by local business organisations and with reciprocity in business support services to European SMEs

3 The Network’s results since 2008
Helped businesses to sign over cooperation agreements Organised international brokerage events for over 30,000 companies Local events for half a million companies Over 250,000 technology- and company reviews, IPR, Financing & funding 9000 SMEs consulted via feedback and panels Information and services used by over 2.5 million SMEs

4 Why the Network is adding value to the Euro Mediterranean Cooperation :
Local and EU SMEs: BBS Technology Transfer / BCD Business Cooperation profiles Expressions of Interest received / submitted Business and technology partnership agreements concluded For the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Countries: Serving the ultimate goal of the MEDA partnership to establish a Euro-Mediterranean Free-Trade Area Within the framework of the Association Agreements and the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprises For the host organisations: Certain business support centres started under the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Access to information on Community legislation and programmes Dissemination of best practices, innovative ideas Expansion to new markets, finding cooperation partners.

5 Application process : Special attention to Annex 3 Annex 3 – Co-operation of entities in third countries with the network based on Article 21.5, page 54 of the Submission Set The proposal should include a letter of support of the Delegation of the Commission to the country

6 What next Focus on strengthening the performance and the integration of the cooperating non EU partners into the Network culture The Network will continue beyond 2014 under the dedicated “Business Competitiveness and SME Programme Next period 2013 – 2014 for the Network partners: Working programmes of the cooperating non EU partners to be submitted by 1 June 2012

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