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The Integrated Lifelong Learning Programme: 2007-2013 Zagreb, 26 November 2004 ________ Norbert Schöbel, European Commission.

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1 The Integrated Lifelong Learning Programme: Zagreb, 26 November 2004 ________ Norbert Schöbel, European Commission

2 Structure of presentation Political context The current programmes: Experiences and conclusion The design of the new programme Road Map and Implementation measures

3 The Challenge (1) Political context Social changes: Demographics More flexible and demanding labour market More diverse society & need for social inclusion Wider Europe - a changing EU with new borders Competition and Competitivity

4 The Challenge (2) Central role of education and training March 2000: Lisbon European Council: Most competitive knowledge-based economy March 2002: Barcelona European Council: World quality reference Bologna (June 1999) and Copenhagen (November 2002) processes European Qualifications Framework

5 The Experience (1) Public consultation Great enthusiasm for programmes… … but much too bureaucratic, inflexible and over-complicated Programmes should develop European citizenship, language learning, and regional aspect Decentralised procedures simpler and more user friendly

6 The Experience (2) Interim Evaluations (Socrates, LdV): Coverage and focus valuable and appropriate Administrative and financial procedures improved but still horrible Excessive detail in legislation Need more synergy and coherence between actions, programmes and policy Good results, but not well disseminated

7 The Conclusions Continuity Substantial increase of resources Separate internal and external programmes Simplify and make more flexible Integrated Programme for lifelong learning

8 The Proposals Integrated LLL programme 4 sectoral programmes: Comenius Erasmus Leonardo da Vinci Grundtvig

9 The Proposals Integrated LLL programme A transversal programme: Policy development Language learning New technologies (ICT) Dissemination

10 The Proposals Integrated LLL programme Jean Monnet Programme: Action Jean Monnet Support for European education/training institutions (eg, Florence, Bruges …) Support for European associations

11 The Proposals Integrated LLL programme - structure Integrated Programme Comenius School education Erasmus Higher education & advanced training Leonardo da Vinci Initial and continuing VET Grundtvig Adult education Transversal programme 4 key activities – Policy development; Language learning; ICT; Dissemination Jean Monnet programme 3 key activities – Jean Monnet Action; European Institutions; European Associations

12 The Programme Generic actions: Individual mobility Partnerships Projects and networks Operating grants, Reference material, Accompanying measures

13 The Programme Simplification Less detail in legislation Coherence across constituent programmes 1% flexibility to involve partners from non- programme countries Principle of proportionality in financial rules: not yet achieved

14 The Programme Targets 5% school pupils in Comenius million Erasmus students by ,000 Leonardo trainee placements per year by ,000 adult mobilities per year by 2013

15 Whats new? 1.Integrative approach 2.Structure of the programme 3.Substantial increase of the budget 4.Quantified targets 5.General focus of the programme 6.New actions under the sub-programmes 7.Administrative procedures

16 Road Map So Far … Financial perspectives communication Feb 2004 Communication on new programmes March 2004 New EP: elections June 2004 Legislative proposal 14 July 2004

17 What next? New Commission November st Reading EP April 2005 Political agreement/Common position Council May nd Reading EP ? October nd Reading Council November 2005 Conciliation … Decision adopted early to mid-2006

18 What next? Practical calendar During 2005: Work on implementation arrangements/develop new actions Decision adopted early to mid : Information campaign May/July 2006: Call for proposals 2007/08 Nov 2006: Deadline for centralised applications 2007/08

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