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Hitler’s Final Solution

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1 Hitler’s Final Solution
THE HOLOCAUST Hitler’s Final Solution

2 Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism – Hostility or prejudice toward the Jews
What created this environment in Germany? The hardships after World War I created anger for many Germans – scapegoats needed Mass immigration of Jews into Germany from Russia – they were being persecuted there under the Czar and under the new Communist governments Many Jews moving in were middle class and had money – were not as poor as German people Adolf Hitler preached that Germans were a superior race – Aryan Nation There had been tension between Jews and Christians since middle ages In the year 1215 – Germans passed law that said Jews had to dress differently from Christians This law would compare to the Jews having to wear the Star of David under Hitler’s regime Nazi Laws on determining a Jew – anyone who had a Jewish grandparent was considered a Jew. Hatred based on ancestry and not just religion

3 Hitler and The Jews Hitler becomes leader of Germany in 1933 – things change for the Jews Anti-Semitic Laws established – purpose was to drive Jews out of Germany Nuremberg Laws (1935) – stripped German Jews of citizenship and economic rights and defined who was a Jew and who was an Aryan Attacks on Jews increase Kristallnacht – also known as the night of broken glass was an event that occurred from November 9 and 10 in 1938 that saw Nazis unleash attacks on Jewish homes and businesses – killed nearly 100 Jews Jews were rounded up and isolated from the rest of Germany Started with creation of ghettos – neighborhoods in a city in which Jews were confined behind walls with armed guards – This kept the Jews separated from the rest of the people They also used concentration camps – labor camps meant to hold what Hitler called enemies of the state The result – Jews got the message from Hitler, “Get Out!!!!” Over 100,000 Jews left Germany – those who found the money and means German laws had made it impossible for others to get out – these people would face even worse treatment

4 The Final Solution Final Solution – This was the plan that called for the mass and quick execution of European Jews. What the plan called for: Building of six new death camps – these were focused on quick executions of the Jews Some of these death camps were: Treblinka, Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald The rounding up of Jews from the ghettos, placing them on trains, and sending them to camps No one will be safe – old, young, women, men, and children were all to be executed Jewish Reaction: Many would try to hide out – built secret rooms in house Others would face fate – knew they were going to die Germans told those who were rounded up on trains that they were being relocated so they were to bring all their possessions – Germans would collect these items and sell them and take the money

5 Results of Final Solution
Decrease in Jewish Population in Germany: Nation 1933 Population 1950 Population Percent Decrease Poland 3,000,000 45,000 98.5% Romania 980,000 28,000 97% Germany 565,000 37,000 93.5% Hungary 445,000 155,000 65% Czechoslovakia 357,000 17,000 95% Austria 250,000 18,000 93% Greece 100,000 7,000 Yugoslavia 70,000 3,500 Bulgaria 50,000 6,500 87%` EUROPEAN TOTALS 9,500,000 3,500,000 63%

6 American Response American Immigration – was limited and no immigrants were wanted Limited number of Jews who could move to United States Americans still unwilling to change knowing Hitler’s policies and after hearing about the Kristallnacht 1942 – This attitude changes – Americans made aware of Final Solution and the extermination of Jews Led to formation of War Refugee Board – created by Roosevelt in 1944 which said to take all measures to rescue the victims of enemy oppression Led to the rescue of 200,000 Jews Liberation of the Nazi Camps These were discovered as the Nazi began to fall and shrink back into Germany American Forces in the West and Russian forces in the East all begin to free those they found left behind in camps Also they discovered the mass graves and piles of bodies

7 Nuremberg Trials These were trials held in a court in Nuremberg, Germany The judges were made up of those from the International Community Called the International Military Tribunal These trials were for the purpose of punishing the Nazis for the crimes they committed during the Holocaust – genocidal campaign against the Jews Tried 22 Nazis for their role in these war crimes 12 were sentenced to death Others were sentenced to long prison terms After Nuremberg: Many other Nazis were captured and tried in other nations – primarily Israel Some of these trials continued to carried out into the 1960s

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