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Mixtures of Matter. Classification of Matter.

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1 Mixtures of Matter

2 Classification of Matter










12 Substance Matter that has a uniform and unchanging composition

13 Mixture Combination of 2 or more pure substances They are physically mixed but, don’t react

14 Heterogeneous Does not blend smoothly and individual substances remain distinct Sand and water; orange juice; pizza

15 Homogeneous Mixture Constant composition throughout Homogenous Mixture - Is a single phase AKA - Solution Salt water

16 Two types of pure substances: Elements Compounds

17 Element: A pure substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical or physical means Found on periodic table 91 naturally occurring, the rest man made

18 Compound: Combination of two or more elements 1 Million compounds and 100,000 more found every year. Water; hydrogen peroxide

19 Has mass and volume (s, l, g) More than one type of matter Uniform throughout (solutions) Not uniform throughout One type of matter One type of atom Two or more elements

20 Separating Mixtures Reverse of Mixing Helps to understand matter Use physical processes used to separate solutions

21 Filtration -Technique that uses a porous barrier to separate a solid from a liquid. -Separate heterogeneous mixtures composed of solids and liquids.

22 Distillation -Separation technique based on differences on boiling points. -Separates a liquid from a liquid.

23 Crystallization formation of pure solid particles from a solution

24 Chromatography Separates on tendency of chemical to travel.

25 Separation of Pure Substances Requires chemical means

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