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Bienvenue à la classe de Français M adame Tasse (Cupps) La salle de classe 1412 Lebanon High School.

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1 Bienvenue à la classe de Français M adame Tasse (Cupps) La salle de classe 1412 Lebanon High School

2 Madame Tasse’s Recipe for success:  Arrive to class on time, alert and prepared  Start the “La Clochette” Immediately  Raise hand often to participate (in French) and ask questions  Do homework every night to the best of your ability (incomplete homework = 0 points)  Study vocabulary at least 10-15 minutes each day. Daily study will prepare you for quizzes or tests

3 Materials you will need EVERYDAY in class:  3-ring binder  Four dividers  Paper  Pencils/Pens  Textbook/Activity Book  French/English Dictionary or online access* * At home use only


5 RULES and CONSEQUENCES  RESPECT: people, place, things, ideas  LISTEN and BE ON TASK  BE PREPARED  1 st infraction= warning  2 nd = loss of participation points  3 rd = detention & phone call home  4 th = referral to the principal

6 Typical day  La Clochette  Review Homework  Learn new concept  Practice new concept  Start Homework HELPFUL HINT #1 Take them seriously! One La Clochette each week will be graded as a pop quiz! HELPFUL HINT #2 Homework must be COMPLETELY finished to receive points. If one part is left blank it is a ZERO! HELPFUL HINT #3 TAKE NOTES!!!!!!! If I write it on the board, you should write it in your notes! HELPFUL HINT #4 This is a great time to earn participation points. So, be on task and SPEAK FRENCH! HELPFUL HINT #5 I GIVE you the last few minutes so that if you don’t understand you can ask questions. Remember Hint #2!

7 Grade System  Combination of the following grades: Tests/Quizzes40% Homework40% Participation20% Final Project Grading Scale: 92-100 A 83-91B 74-82C 65-73D 0-64F

8 Participation  Each time a student participates in French, he/she will receive one participation point.  Speaking in English (or ANY other language) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in the loss of participation points.  Every week each student’s points are added together and converted to a grade based on the class average for participation.  Grades reflect the students’ frequency and ability to speak French in class.

9 Why is it so important for us to speak only French in class?  When you were a baby and first learned English, did your mommy speak to you in Japanese?  Your brain naturally follows the path of least resistance and will not hear French if English is also floating around the classroom.  FRENCH is AWESOME!!!

10 Another note on homework:  Homework assignments are checked or collected at the beginning of class each day. If I catch you working on homework when you should be working on the La Clochette you will receive a ZERO for BOTH assignments.  NO LATE homework will be accepted (even if it is finished and in your locker or at home).  Repeated failure to turn in homework assignments will result in a parent phone call.  Copying someone else’s homework is CHEATING. You and the person whose work your copied will each earn a zero.

11 What to do if you are absent…  Check my website for homework and assignments. There is 1:1 ratio for make up days. Therefore, if you missed one day, all work must be turned in one day after you return.  Upon returning check your folder for any worksheets or handouts that were not available on the website.  Copy any notes missed during your absence from a friend or the website.  Schedule an appointment to make up any tests or quizzes within 2 days. You must take them within the appropriate time (1:1 ratio). You will receive a zero for the test or quiz that is not made up. Make up work is your PERSONAL responsibility!

12 BRAVO! When you do a good job in French class you could receive: Warrior rewards Positive phone calls or emails home Oral praise

13 Quelques Phrases Importantes! Puis-je parler en anglais? Can I speak in English? J’ai une question. I have a question. Je ne comprends pas. I don’t understand. Puis-je aller aux toilettes? Can I go to the bathroom?

14 Madame TasseMadame Tasse   Web page:  Our schools  High School  Teacher Web Pages  My name  Your class  Work Phone: 513-934-5126

15 C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron ! (Practice makes perfect!)

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