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Bienvenue à la classe de français

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1 Bienvenue à la classe de français
Madame Marsh La salle de classe 2405 Lebanon High School

2 Introductions – Where did Mrs. Marsh study?
Does she speak other languages? Has she taught before? Where did she grow up? Does she have siblings? Where did she & her husband get engaged? Does she have kids?

3 Introductions – qu’est-ce que vous avez compris?
Ou est-ce que Mme Marsh a etudie? Parle-t-elle d’autres langues? Est-ce qu’elle etait un prof au passe? Ou est-ce qu’elle habitait quand elle etait un enfant? A-t-elle des freres, des soeurs? Ou est-ce qu’elle s’est fiancee? A-t-elle des enfants?

4 ESSAYER = REUSSIR Tips for success
Arrive to class on time, alert and ready to “parler” Give your best effort Participate (in French) and ask questions whenever needed Don’t be afraid to make mistakes Proof-read & correct your errors – the most effective way to learn is through your mistakes

5 Materials you will need EVERYDAY in class:
3-ring binder with 3-4 dividers: Homework, Bonus work, Notes, Quizzes & Tests Paper, pens, pencils Textbook/Workbook French – English dictionary, for use at home

1st infraction=warning 2nd = loss of participation points 3rd = detention & phone call home 4th = referral to the principal BE COURTEOUS & RESPECTFUL BE PROMPT BE PREPARED NO gum, food, drink

7 French class you could receive: Positive phone calls or emails home
BRAVO! When you do a good job in French class you could receive: Warrior rewards Positive phone calls or s home Oral praise

8 If I write it on the board, you should write it in your notes!
HELPFUL HINT #1 Take them seriously! One La Clochette each week will be graded as a pop quiz! Typical day La Clochette Review Homework Learn new concept Practice new concept Start Homework HELPFUL HINT #2 Homework must be COMPLETELY finished to receive points. If one part is left blank it is a ZERO! HELPFUL HINT #3 TAKE NOTES!!!!!!! If I write it on the board, you should write it in your notes! HELPFUL HINT #4 This is a great time to earn participation points. So, be on task and SPEAK FRENCH! HELPFUL HINT #5 I GIVE you the last few minutes so that if you don’t understand you can ask questions. Remember Hint #2!

9 Grade System Combination of the following grades: Tests/Quizzes 40%
Homework 40% Participation 20% Final Project Grading Scale: A B C D 0-64 F

10 Another note on homework:
Homework assignments are checked or collected at the beginning of class each day. No working on homework during time for La Clochette. If so, you will receive a ZERO for BOTH assignments. NO LATE homework will be accepted (even if it is finished and in your locker or at home). Repeated failure to turn in homework assignments will result in a parent phone call. Copying someone else’s homework is CHEATING. You and the person whose work your copied will each earn a zero.

11 Participation Each time a student participates in French, he/she will receive one participation point. Speaking in English (or ANY other language) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in the loss of participation points. Every week each student’s points are added together and converted to a grade based on the class average for participation. Grades reflect the students’ frequency and ability to speak French in class.

12 Why is it so important for us to speak only French in class?
When you were a baby and first learned English, did your parents speak to you in Japanese? Your brain naturally follows the path of least resistance and will not hear French if English is also floating around the classroom. Bonjour!

13 What to do if you are absent…
Check my website for homework and assignments. There is 1:1 ratio for make up days. Therefore, if you missed one day, all work must be turned in one day after you return. Upon returning check your folder for any worksheets or handouts that were not available on the website. Copy any notes missed during your absence from a friend or the website. Schedule an appointment to make up any tests or quizzes within 2 days. You must take them within the appropriate time. You will receive a zero for the test or quiz that is not made up. Make up work is your PERSONAL responsibility!

14 Madame Marais (Mme Marsh)
Web page: Our schools High School Teacher Web Pages My name Your class Work Phone:

15 Practice with precision

16 Never give up

17 Go For It!

18 The Eiffel Tower wasn’t built in a day!

19 C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron !
(Practice makes perfect!)

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