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Outlook Web Access Tutorial: How to setup calendars and share.

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1 Outlook Web Access Tutorial: How to setup calendars and share

2 Access outlook via EHT EMAIL icon

3 Username is your network login Password is your network login password

4 This is the main page when you login. You will see your inbox here. You can toggle between these tabs at the top to switch between mail, calendar, people (contacts), and tasks.

5 You can access the calendar by the taskbar on the top To Schedule an event or appointment double click on the date you want to schedule

6 Here you type in the reason for scheduling and location for event Select the + button to bring you to your “people” (contacts) view to select attendees Select start time, duration, show availability, reminder, repeat, and what calendar you would like the event to show up on Type in brief summary of what appointment or event is for

7 Search your contact list Double arrow icon will allow you to search the directory (global contact list)

8 If needed you can search contact list via directory Directory shows you contacts for the whole district

9 All your attendees have been invited Select OK

10 Review appointment and select Send

11 Event is now scheduled Right pane will show lists of events for the day

12 Selecting share button will allow you to share calendar with another user

13 This dialog screen will show after selecting the share button. It gives you the option to search your contacts for whom you want to share the calendar with. You can add a subject and select what calendar you would like to share

14 If you begin typing the users name you would like to share the calendar with their name should populate if they are in your contacts otherwise you can click below and choose search contacts and directory

15 After the user is selected you can give the user permissions on whether they can see full details, limited details, availability only, editor of the calendar, and delegation rights Full details show the time, subject, location, and other details of all items in your calendar. Limited details show the time, subject, and location, but no other information. Availability only shows the time of items on your calendar and no other details. You can also give someone permission to edit your calendar by choosing Editor or Delegate. An editor can edit your calendar. A delegate can edit your calendar, and can send and respond to meeting requests on your behalf

16 Select send to share invitation to user to share calendar

17 Go to Mail to view your inbox Email from user inviting to share calendar From here you can ADD calendar and also have the option to share your calendar back to the other user or share with another user

18 If you have any further questions please refer to the.PDF document below for more assistance on sharing a calendar. Double Click Me


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