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How U.K. Local Authorities deal with Waste David W. J. Greenfield MCIWM CEnv Technical and Contracts Manager EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL.

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1 How U.K. Local Authorities deal with Waste David W. J. Greenfield MCIWM CEnv Technical and Contracts Manager EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL

2 Contents Introduction Current Waste Management Structure The requirements for the future The Procurement Process The Contract Funding the Contract The Solution UK and European Reference Facilities Conclusion

3 INTRODUCTION (1) England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern island are four separate countries Each has a mixture of legislation set by the UK government and interpretation of legislation passed down to them England 397 waste management authorities 121 Waste Disposal Authorities (WDAs) 276 Waste Collection Authorities (WCAs) 3 Government Departments that legislate Environment Agency that Regulates CIWM and ESA LGA, Regional Offices

4 East Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council An English Waste management area Two WDAs working together to build treatment facilities ESCC working with SMEDAR, France East Sussex and the City of Brighton and Hove are situated on the south east coast of England. Prior to 1997 Brighton & Hove were two WCAs within East Sussex County Council The area has two designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Sussex Downs and the High Weald, which cover over 60% of the area. Combined they have a population of 740,100 The Councils have the responsibility of disposing of all Municipal Waste (380,000tpa) East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has 5 districts and boroughs within it, WCAs

5 Where is East Sussex?

6 B&HCC and ESCC's WCAs and HWRSs Wealden DC Rother DC Hastings BC Eastbourne BC Lewes DC B & HCC

7 Current Waste Management Structure Each of the WCAs are responsible for collecting residual waste and recyclables from households, and where requested commercial properties. Private contractors e.g. ONYX, SITA and BIFFA also collect waste from commercial properties separately ESCC are responsible for arranging for the disposal of the waste collected by the WCAs, they are the Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) The WCAs are responsible for disposing of the recyclables collected, unless they ask the WDA to arrange for disposal The existing disposal routes are projected to be full between 2007 and 2009 A new waste management solution is required

8 Current Waste Management Structure (2) WDA ResponsibilitiesWCA Responsibilities Locating, building and maintaining treatment and disposal facilities Collecting residual waste from households (HW) and commercial properties (MW) Provides sites for the public to bring bulky waste to, Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs). Arranging for collection, sorting and marketing of Recycling collected from households Managing old landfill sitesStreet and beach Cleansing Raising waste awareness and education Providing on street recycling facilities Procuring Disposal ContractsProcuring collection contracts and goods and services

9 The Requirements of the Integrated Waste Management Services Contract (IWMSC): A solution that will meet long term Government targets EU Landfill Directive/LATs UK Recycling Targets Manage the 14 Household Waste Recycling Sites A solution that will make Expensive Recovery technology affordable Flexibility to use new technologies when proven Leave open options for recycling and composting Flexibility to accommodate waste growth Provide facilities to deal with between 300,000 and 550,000 tonnes per year Alternative to landfill for the long term

10 Landfill/Landraise Void space required by ESCC and B & HCC over first quarter of 21st Century

11 Procuring the IWMSC IWMSC advertised in OJEC (Official Journal of the European community): 1999 Invitation to tender (ITT) offered to 11 companies: 2000 5 companies (ONYX-Aurora, Biffa, VIRIDOR-TIRU, SITA, Waste Recycling Group, United Waste) invited to Tender: 2000 Two companies ONYX-Aurora, VIRIDOR-TIRU asked to submit Best and Final Offers (BAFO): 2001 ONYX-Aurora appointed Preferred tenderer Sept 2002 Contract Signed 31st March 2003 with ONYX SOUTH DOWNS WASTE SERVICES Ltd a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), worth £1,000,000,000 over 25 years Contract Management team appointed May 2003

12 IWMSC Contract Targets Recycling Targets, Recycle by 2005/6 – ESCC 27% of household waste B &HCC 30% of household waste 2008/9 30% of household waste 2015/16 33% of household waste Recovery Targets, Recover energy by: 2005/6 40% of municipal waste 2008/945% of municipal waste 2015/1667% of household waste LATs, Maximum BMW landfilled by: 2008/9108,557 tonnes of BMW 2012/1367,958 tonnes of BMW 2019/2047,522 tonnes of BMW

13 The Landfill Directive Targets and whether the Contract will meet them under their current proposals

14 Funding and Managing the IWMSC Funding Special Grant derived from £49m PFI credit Shared income from recycled materials Existing disposal budgets Savings in budget as a result of new facilities e.g. transfer stations Management ESCC lead authority There is a formal Joint Working Arrangement between B&HCC and ESCC Team of 2 8 working in IWMSC Contract Management 9 working in waste Awareness and Education 3 working in Environmental Management Current budget of ~ £15,000,000 per annum

15 The Contract Solution An integrated system of facilities to meet long term targets A solution that is flexible to allow for waste growth Facilities that will meet current and future legislative needs A solution that is BPEO (Best Practicable Environmental Option) Providing an EFW, a Composting facility, a MRF and a network of Transfer Stations Achievement of Statutory targets and Landfill Directive Targets A legal framework for joint working A solution that has built in incentives for recycling and composting and diversion from landfill

16 The Contract Solution

17 UK and European Reference Facilities

18 The Landfill

19 Onyx Materials Recycling Facility at Portsmouth

20 Chineham Energy from Waste (EFW) Hampshire

21 Marchwood EFW in construction

22 Anaerobic Digestion Plant, South of Paris

23 Household Waste Recycling Site

24 Education and Waste Awareness

25 The Future of RESOURCE management in the UK What is Waste, a Resource? Waste Strategy 2006 Survey of current infrastructure and planned capacity Is the current structure correct? What are the drivers for change? What is the investment needed? Regional Centres of Excellence Are we going too far?

26 CONCLUSION UK perspective A WDA joint approach Development of new facilities Partnership working Uncertain future But, Environmentally sustainable solution Quadrupling of spend on waste in England

27 Thank you for your Time Please visit us at

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